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Not big on going out this Valentine’s Day? Why not make it a fun night in! If planned properly, a nice dinner at home can be equally as romantic – and less expensive! – than a night out on the town. All you need is a great dinner menu, some bubbly, candles and chocolate, and you’re in for a lovely Valentine’s Day. Here’s what I’m thinking of to make it a great holiday:

Get The Look: European Glam

Wednesday, 27 November 2013 by

Full of gorgeous landscapes, fashion and architecture, Europe is a great theme to incorporate into your home. It’s easy too, as simple pieces like art, pillows and chandeliers can do the trick and just about anything vintage has a Euro effect. Here are some staple pieces that would make your home a European escape: This

Get the Look: Classic 1900s Home

Friday, 22 November 2013 by

The new millennium has brought about plenty of amazing trends, technologies and accessories. But there’s something so enticing about the early 1900s! Perhaps it’s the timeless pieces that fit in modern homes, or maybe it’s the sophistication and detail. Whatever it is, I love it! You can give your home a 1900s feel by bringing