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Designing with Saturated Trim

See how we gave a kitchen a distinctive pop of color with bold, saturated cabinets — made possible with new Emerald® Urethane Trim Enamel from Sherwin Williams.

Featured Property

1311 Toledo Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN. This project was a bitter-sweet renovation for the Tiffany Hanken Design team. You just don't know what the outcome will be with home rehab. Read the blog article to see our progress along the way.

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Biophilic Design-What is it? What Are The Benefits?

The biophilia hypothesis The biophilia hypothesis proposes that most humans have an innate love of nature. We long for it and without connecting with it, our health could suffer. So, biophilic design is an applied solution to appease this desire for nature by integrating natural elements and processes into the built environment. Urban environments with
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Modern Office Design Concepts

Office design, office environment, and employee productivity go hand-in-hand. We’ll preface this article by acknowledging 2020 has caused a shift in corporate environments. Many companies have decided that their remote workforce is more nimble and more productive than their managed workforce in office spaces. But that doesn’t work for every model and some people thrive
Vote Tiffany Hanken Design Minnesota's BestRead more +22 April 2021 By tiffany_hanken in Awards / Press, Blog

Vote Tiffany Hanken Design For Minnesota’s Best

Minnesota’s Best Presented by Becker Furniture World & Mattress Tiffany Hanken Design has been nominated for Star Tribune’s Minnesota’s Best in the category of Interior Designer. What is Minnesota’s Best? Minnesota’s Best presented by Becker Furniture World & Mattress is all about engaging Star Tribune readers with local businesses. They feature over 380 nomination categories, including beauty

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