The new millennium has brought about plenty of amazing trends, technologies and accessories. But there’s something so enticing about the early 1900s! Perhaps it’s the timeless pieces that fit in modern homes, or maybe it’s the sophistication and detail. Whatever it is, I love it! You can give your home a 1900s feel by bringing in one or many staples from the era. Here are some pieces that are totally the turn of the century:

Detailed Furniture
From the frame to the couch to the curtains, the details are impeccable.

Replace your modern teapot with a classic one like these and you’ll quickly turn your home into something out of the 1900s.

Stained Glass Windows
The Chaise lounge and wallpaper are great accessories against the stained glass windows.

Perhaps the most telling piece from the 1900s is a beautiful chandelier like this one.

Georgian Four Post Bed
This bed is so elegant and would look great in an early era-themed home.

Rustic Shelving and Antiques
This rustic look gives the shelving the appearance of old age, but it’s likely just distressed! Get some paint and sandpaper and you can get that look easily. Then fill it with some antiques like those above.

Hanging Tapestry
This is something fun you rarely see nowadays unless you’re in a museum. Want the 1900s look? Hang an intricate tapestry!

Let’s be honest here – if you’re going for the 1900s look you’ve got to have a bar. Even though people from the 20s endured 13 years of prohibition, chances are the bars remained in the homes.

Great Fashion
And finally, you can’t talk about the 1900s without mentioning fashion. This fabulous women looks like she belongs in a home with an interior like the pieces above.

If you’re trying to go for a classic look from the 1900s, remember that a couple pieces go a long way. There’s no need to do a total house revamp! Plus, I love the look of antique and modern mixed, so let your creativity drive you! You might be surprised at how great your home will look.