Full of gorgeous landscapes, fashion and architecture, Europe is a great theme to incorporate into your home. It’s easy too, as simple pieces like art, pillows and chandeliers can do the trick and just about anything vintage has a Euro effect.

Here are some staple pieces that would make your home a European escape:
This furnace is classy and cool and would get the heating job done during the winter months. Imagine curling up in a chair next to this with a good book and a glass of wine. Wouldn’t you feel like you were in the 1900s England?

If you’ve been to Paris you know that all the buildings are various shades of gorgeous muted colors. Anything with these beige colors above will be a nice European (or Parisian more specifically) vibe to a room. From the wallpaper to the couch and chairs to the painting on the wall, these pieces are so Euro!

A hutch in any shape or size is a great addition to a European-themed home. While this one is smaller you can certainly go with a big hutch to display your china. The best part about these is that they’re a dime a dozen at flea farms and garage sales!

Perhaps the easiest way to make a European statement is to add a painting or six to your wall like these ones above. The rich colors and antiquated clothing bring me right back to the Louvre. The furniture in this room is lovely, too.

Mix and match pillows like this, which you can find at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods for cheap. Mixed patterns, colors and designs would look great.

The same goes for this art nouveau pillow. They’re easy to find and won’t cause a dent in the bank account.

Anything and everything from the above kitchen has a perfectly European vibe to it, so whether you choose one or all of the components you’ll be well on your way to bringing Europe to your home!

What else would you add to jazz up your European-styled home? Anything I missed?