You may have noticed that everybody wants to be “boho chic”, and you may have wondered “what exactly is the boho style design trend?” It’s nearly impossible to watch a home design show or open a magazine without seeing the boho design trend. Generally speaking, a boho-chic interior involves cozy atmospheres, layered eclecticism, and a lived-in feel. Boho chic interiors tend to encompass these qualities:

  • Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Relaxed
  • Eclectic
  • Lived-in
  • Colorful

How to boho-chic your home

The boho look is heavily influenced by 1970’s design and typically includes natural elements, colorful, layered textiles, and a more casual feel within your room. look super cozy and inviting. Often, rooms with a muted or neutral base palette with a few wild patterns are absolutely stunning and look incredibly chic!

If you want to bring the boho look into your home, there are a few key pieces you can add that will immediately help you capture the vibe that we’re describing here.


Use a variety of textures

One thing the boho home will never lack is texture. You can achieve texture in so many different ways in your space.

Think about these accent items:

  • baskets.
  • planters made of different kinds of materials.
  • macrame wall hangings.
  • natural fiber rugs.
  • colorful Persian or Turkish rugs.
  • wood furniture.
  • upholstery.
  • stacks of books and artwork are also textual.

You can start your bohemian journey by bringing a variety of several times into the area you are decorating. Move them around the room and play with it until they just feel right. Then, layer some throws and hang a tapestry. You can also get some neat pillows and pile them on your sofa.

In bohemianism, the saying goes “more is more”, so add in all the stuff you love!

Add houseplants

Plants are a great way to bring a bit more bohemian style into any space. If you want to keep that 1970’s reminiscent feel alive, try adding ferns or succulents. Building a terrarium is also a fun option. They work in almost any glass container, and you can easily make one yourself.

Image: HGTV

Low-level seating

The boho philosophy is all about chilling out and kicking back. Floor pillows, leather poufs, soft ottomans, and bean bag chairs are all great low-level seating options to have because they invite people to sit down, stay awhile, and really get comfy.


Use vintage pieces

Like any eclectic, interesting home space, boho rooms make creative use of interesting and unique vintage pieces. The focuses on mid-century modern accessories as well as anything reminiscent of the free spirit hippy culture of the 1960s and 1970s. For example, layered rug patterns mixed with various light sources and a gallery wall of polaroid photos will achieve the look perfectly.


Finally, go casual

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, keep it casual.  Boho chic spaces are not fussy.  The spaces are designed to encourage conversation, reading, and listening to mush or playing games. Its a complete 180 degrees from a space designed to watch movies or hosting a formal dinner party. The idea in boho chic is “no worries”.

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