Spring Cleaning Tips from Tiffany Hanken Design

It is officially Spring! After being in hibernation due to the Winter months, it always feels good both mentally and physically to clean your space. It can be daunting and overwhelming to figure out where to start. We are here to give you some tips and techniques that can make your deep clean more manageable.

Follow along on these steps to perfecting your spring cleaning regiment.

Restock your cleaning supplies

While you are looking for what supplies need to be restocked, this is a good way to begin organizing your cleaning supplies. Make sure you have everything you need so you can tackle the deep clean.

Cleaning supplies for spring cleaning

Rugs and Carpet

If you live in the Midwest, our Winters can really do some damage to your rugs. Only vacuuming your area rug isn’t going to be enough. To clean your rug, you will need rug shampoo, a bucket, water, and a soft-bristle brush. Before you wash your rug, it is important to remove dirt and debris by vacuuming. Before you start washing the rug, use a small area to test the cleaning solution. You don’t want to damage your rug. Once you are in the clear, it is time to begin. Using your brush, work the solution into a lather and let sit on your rug for five minutes. After five minutes, use your bucket of clean water to rinse the rug. Lay the rug flat so it is able to dry completely. Once the rug is completely dry, vacuum or brush the rug so the threads and fibers can be revived. We suggest hiring a professional if your area rug is antique, Persian or Oriental.

You can more about rugs in interior design at our article “The Do’s And Don’ts of Styling Your Home With Rugs

blue Cyrus tribal Artisan Creek Rug
Courtesy of Cyrus Rug in Minneapolis

Polish Hardware and Appliances

Nothing is worse than when your hardware and appliances aren’t sparkling clean. For optimum shine, make sure you are cleaning with the grain. Do not use abrasive cleaning rags, you don’t want to scratch or leave extra residue on your appliances. 

Kitchen hardware and appliances

Wash Windows and Windowsills

It is important to wash your windows inside and outside. Keeping your windows clean improves the appearance of your home. Get rid of the dry dirt before you use your spray. The best time to clean your windows is in the evenings or on cloudy days. Sunlight will cause your windows to streak.

Vacuum and Dust in the Areas You Don’t…

There are many places in your home you don’t think of when you are routinely vacuuming or dusting. Under large furniture, couch cushions, mattresses and drawers are often areas we forget. These areas still fill with dust and dirt. This collection of dust can irritate allergy sufferers and can create bacteria and germs.

The Refrigerator and Pantry

The refrigerator and pantry are used every day so it is easy for these two places to be unorganized. The first step is to pull out all of your food so you are able to see everything. Once everything is out, clean the shelving with warm, soapy water and vacuum out the crumbs. Throw away expired food and donate extra canned goods you don’t plan to use. We recommend using bins, baskets and containers to categorize and stay organized. This is an easier way to maintain so next time you deep clean, you won’t be overwhelmed.

Organize your pantry for spring cleaning

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