As the end of the year comes to a close, it is always a time to reflect. 2020 was an abnormal and difficult year like we all know. COVID-19 changed the landscape of interior design. Due to this, we weren’t able to photograph any of our finished projects but we still want to share some of our favorite products that we used in our installations.

2020 has brought some dark times for many of us so you may be ready to completely transform your master bedroom or an entire home.

Tiffany Hanken

Cheetah Rug

Looking for something on the wild side? This Cheetah Rug by Flor is a statement piece wherever it is placed. Add this rug to your room for some spice and excitement.

Cheetah Rug by

Feather Wallpaper

This subtle, yet elegant wallpaper brings out a calming, classy vibe to the room.  The creative feather wallpaper can match a variety of home designs, from the traditional living room to a modern bathroom.

“Amazonite” Creative Feather Wallpaper by Schumacher

Modern Lights

We put these modern lights by Lightology in one of our client’s powder room. They are a beautiful addition that lights up an entryway, stairwell, or dining room in a way that is refreshing yet conventional.

“Designed by Caleb Siemon & Carmen Salazar. The Happy lights take advantage of the thickness and brilliance of our crystal to create a light with unending refractions. Each one is hand manipulated to create a creased and singularly individual form. The works are blown in solid clear crystal or use the Italian technique of sommerso or encased color. Hand blown and shaped in lead-free crystal. No molds are used, and each glass shape is unique. Made in California and signed by Caleb and Carmen. Each piece is handmade; dimensions and color may vary slightly.”

Raw Leather Handles

These raw leather knobs and handles are being placed in our client’s basement bar area. These handmade, raw leather and pure brass accessories by Ford Hardware really bring a unique personal touch to the space.

Raw Leather Pure Brass Round wardrobe Cabinet door handle Knobs Pulls Dresser handles Drawer Knobs 

Marble Handles

These marble handles by Queenie Crafts Shop add beauty and elegance to plain doors. If you want to make your front door more welcoming, this is the piece for your home.

Marble Handles

Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a comeback in recent years and it’s a great way to transform a room. As we said, 2020 has brought some dark times for many of us so you may be ready to completely transform your master bedroom or an entire home. This floral wallpaper can transform your room to bring happiness and joy – a simple light and pleasure at the end of the tunnel that we all need.

Wallpaper ranks our list of favorite products.

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