Gucci Alchemist Garden

A scent can bring you back to a different place, through a sense so strong and so important for every human being.


The Gucci Alchemist Collection is a perfume collection inspired by the Science of Alchemy by Alessandro Michele. Gucci released seven different scents, four oils, three scented waters, and a candle. The collection is designed to be layered. Because of this, there are 48 different combinations available. We love this because everyone will have a unique, personalized fragrance. The seven different perfumes are based on raw materials, they range from sweet musk, woods, patchouli, amber, violet, iris, and mimosa. The perfumes can be layered with the oils and waters to create a unique blend. The packaging is inspired by Italian Farmacia.

The entire collection is decorated with whimsical flowers and Gucci’s signature animals to represent each scent. It will be beautiful sitting on your dresser or armour. “A scent can bring you back to a different place, through a sense so strong and so important for every human being”, said Michele.

Louis Vuitton Candles

Louis Vuitton came out with six long-lasting fragrances by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud and we are loving them. The candles are in a white ceramic container with the well-known Louis Vuitton leather strap. The wicks are colored based on the scent of the candle. The scents are inspired by a summer garden, island destinations, a breath of spring air, and rose blossoms. The candle is poured into a handmade ceramic container. The burn time is 55 hours. Once the candle has been used, the container can be placed for a modern look in your home.

Trend Alert: Tropics & Jungle

Trending in both fashion and interior design, tropical and jungle prints have returned and we are all in for it. We are not only seeing clothing lines hop onto the trend, but we are also adding these fun and exciting prints to wallpaper, pillows, fabrics, accessories, and furniture. We rounded up our favorite looks that incorporate all things jungle fever.

Burberry’s spring 2020 collection

We saw the print surface in the Burberry Spring Collection line through the bring orange and green, along with the exotic animals: zebras, tigers, and monkeys all displayed throughout the collection.

Designer’s guild wallpaper

Designers Guild came out with a new collection by Christian Lacroix, that details the marvelous world. The new collection brings the modern jungle to life.

De Gournay wallpaper

De Gournay is hand-painted wallpaper. The monkey and palm wallpaper is influenced by original Chinese scroll paintings.

Pillows and accessories


THD Favorites - print furniture
THD Favorites – print furniture