It’s time for Halloween décor

The Spooky season is here! It is the perfect time of year to bring out that young, free-spirited inner-self throughout your home. Between the comforting apple and maple-spiced foods, the auburn leaves souring from the branches to the ground, and the crisp, cool air seeping through the windows, all you are missing is a festive home for Halloween.

Skull décor is something we see year and year again. It will likely be in style in the long run.

Whether you are partaking in the spooky Halloween celebrations or just wanting to decorate, we rounded up our top picks for Halloween décor.

“Creepy” cloth

This “creepy” cloth we found on Amazon could be used in several different ways around your home. The cloth will create a spooky effect. The cloth adds texture and dimension to any space. It comes in several different colors: orange, green, black, white, purple, and red. It is a simple way to spice up your décor. We love it used in a table setting or around a staircase. As shown in the photos above, it can be placed basically anywhere – even a bar cart or mirror.

Skull décor

Skull décor is something we see year and year again. It will likely be in style in the long run. It is a simple way to get you and your home into the Halloween spirit. We found a skull candle from Thompson Ferrier that is a statement piece. There are several different colors and scents available. The aromatherapy is intoxicating. The scents range from exotic spices, aromatic herbs, delicate florals. deep amber and sandalwood.

The skull candle is a classy look that can be used all year long. We love to place the skull on top of coffee table books to create height or on top of a shelf. We included a picture of a skull decorated on a coffee table.

Get the Thompson Ferrier Skull right here!

Candle sticks

A trend people incorporate in their homes all year round are candlesticks. They add warmth to your home and create an inviting environment. We found battery-operated candlesticks that are a safe alternative to real candles. They can be placed throughout your home and left on without a worry. They are also safe for little ones. We like them placed on a mantel, in a lantern, or as a table setting. They also can be used in a Jack-O-Lantern as a safe alternative.

Christmas lights for outdoors from Amazon

Take it outside…

We could not forget about decorating outside your home. We found Halloween colored lights that cascade off your trees to bring the Halloween spirit outside of your home and into your neighborhood. What better way to light up night?

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