Autumn leaves in Minnesota

Beautiful, Natural Color Palette

Fall has the most beautiful natural color palette. The air is becoming cool and crisp, the leaves are changing. Fall is a time of change. With anticipation for the holidays, relief from the hot and humid temps, and aromas of pumpkin spice everywhere, everyone loves the season of fall.

Knit, fur, and wool are great options to have throughout your home. Leather is also a great fabric for throw pillows.

Ellie Nordin; Author

As the temperature drops, cozy sweaters become our best friend. Our Saturday mornings may consist of cuddling up with a novel and warm apple cider, or they may entail early walks along paths full of crimson and scarlet leaves dropping peacefully along our feet. Fall brings about change, but it also provides a sense of calmness that can ease unrest and anxiety from a busy summer. Another vital part of this season is turning over our summer ideas to fall décor, and transitioning our homes to produce warm, cozy vibes.

Decorating the home for fall is our favorite. We rounded up some helpful tips to do just that.

Front entrance planters

Front Entrance Planters
Image: @fleurishfortwayne on Instagram

One of the first aspects people see when they pull into your driveway is your front entrance. Decorating your front entrance with fall planters is a great way to create a warm welcome. We like to keep fall planters simple so they can also be used for the winter months.

Throws and pillows

throw blankets and pillows for fall decor

An easy way to transition into your fall décor is by changing your throw blankets and pillows throughout your home; whether that is in your bedroom or living room. A cheap and storage-efficient way to change your pillows is by purchasing pillow covers instead of an entirely new pillow. The texture is imperative to bring in warmth and comfort. Knit, fur, and wool are great options to have throughout your home. Leather is also a great fabric for throw pillows.


Candles for fall decor

Candles are one of our favorite aspects to fall. What better way to be immersed into the season then walking into your home and smelling the warm notes of vanilla, cedarwood, or pumpkin?  

Two of our favorite candle brands are Voyage ET CIE and Trudon. Stronger scented candles should be placed in larger rooms such as the living room, this keeps the smaller rooms from being too overpowered.


Bedroom Fall decor
Image by Caroline Utz

The lower the temperature drops, the heavier we need our bedding. There is no greater feeling than cuddling up with a dense, warm blanket in the midst of cool air surrounding our homes. Layering your bed is crucial during the colder season. We like to add a coverlet with a duvet, along with wool and knit blankets.

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