Interior Design Trends after COVID-19

The signature looks of 2019 and previous years (such as accent walls and all-white kitchens) won’t be going away at all, but they will evolve in the coming years. If there is one way to describe the interior design trends that we will see more in 2020, it is “anything goes”.

Considering the new life that many have adapted to while they work from home (and do more from home) individuality in design ideas will be extremely important in the next decade.

We are definitely living in a moment of unprecedented changes. And, what’s for sure, is also that our homes became the focus of the particular moment we are living in. Needless to say, this is changing the way we live in our homes as well as the way we design them.

So… how will the design of our homes change post-COVID?

At frist glance

Let’s face it, no one was used to living at home 24 hours per day. That’s new to most of the nation and world. Hopefully, this change will not be forever, but it is definitely the beginning of some permanent and lasting change that will have a long-term impact on our psychology.

Perhaps more people will now have a deeper understanding of “good interior design”. What does that mean? Designing our homes is not just about “making pretty stuff”, it is a matter of quality of life, of bringing wellness into our homes. What does your bedroom sanctuary feel like? Is your kitchen designed to feed the family 3 meals per day? How accommodating is your family room? Does the color scheme speak to everyone and keep you comfy and happy?

It is likely that the next time we will find ourselves buying our homes, we will all think back to those times when we were forced to quarantine for weeks inside them, and we will make our choices more carefully when considering interior design trends.

So let’s dive a bit deeper into some interesting interior trends driven by the pandemic crisis, that are going to change soon how we live and design our homes.

Colors Will Become The New Neutrals

Look to see neutrals replaced by warm colors, saturated hues, and jewel tones. Cabinetry, walls, and tiled areas are opportunities for more color in your life. Many designers (and their clients) are starting to follow soft peachy coral and terra cotta trends in pink. These are soft, earthy tones that feel cozy and grounded. You may even see more golden yellow or buttery tones.

Peachy coral and terra cotta pink interior design trends.

Easy to use fixtures

Lighting fixtures can do more than just brighten up a room—they’re a bold detail that can change the entire space. Consider wall sconces – these accents are ideal for anyone who wants to invest in statement lighting without the commitment of hard-wiring them into the wall.

If you are looking for good design but are restricted by your existing space, these types of fixtures are a great mix of design and functionality.

Indoors or out, great lighting fixtures can change your entire attitude.

Sustainable materials

You may have already guessed this but sustainable materials have become increasingly important. As society gravitates towards more eco-friendly lifestyles, people are more ecologically conscious and knowledgeable than ever before. Consumers are asking more questions and want to be ethically involved when selecting their options, as much as possible.

This is being reflected in the overall sensibility of design as well as an increasing desire to bring warm, earthy elements to a space.

Patterns are coming back

That’s right! Patterns everywhere… Pattern, especially layered patterns are becoming more prevalent for tabletop and textiles designs. This fall, expect to see more pattern mixing with color typing everything together of various scales and origins. This is a trend that we ran from in previous years, but as all trends are cyclical, this one has interior designers jumping for joy with so many options and palettes to choose from.

Choose wisely, with guided professional interior design advice, and your home will be full of life and comfort.

Bold trim and ceilings

High-contrast design is making a comeback. We’ve personally been a big fan of this trend perpetually but consumer trends ebb and flow. Bold design accents can make an otherwise more monochromatic room turn into a fresh, crisp, and new look.

Bold black or slate blues/greys with white all aways a big hit with a timeless look you can enjoy for a lifetime. Incorporate those new color splashes we’ve been talking about and your space can be renewed every single year or season!

Black and white bold interior design trends

Two-tone kitchens

The classic white kitchens we’ve been seeing so much may slowly be phased out in favor of two-tone kitchens instead. The trend we’re seeing resonates with the above bold color movement – black and white. This, along with blending wood with color to either lighten what otherwise might be a rustic feel or to add a bit of pop to it is a sure win.

Two-tone kitchen in black and white with a wood color pop.

Unique rugs

One trend we just love is the interesting and unexpected materials in rugs that are starting to become more mainstream. There has also been an uprise in new rug shapes and sizes to compliment just about any space.

Matching your rugs with your interior is a rewarding project. Our rug partner, Cyrus rugs in Minneapolis, is the perfect option for your home design needs. You can learn more about rugs and your home design by reading an article written by them “The Do’s and Don’s of Styling Your Home With Rugs“.

blue Cyrus tribal Artisan Creek Rug
Cyrus Rugs Minneapolis

Natural luxury

Finally, natural luxury is not only a trend but an investment in your mental health. We’ll be seeing more natural materials with a luxurious spin like marble finishes in bathrooms and kitchens and also marble accents such as vases, bowls, and candleholders. Linens may also be a big trend with finished edges that a bit more polished than the island boho trend we’ve seen in the past.

Bring the outdoors in. Incorporate your design style.

Natural luxury in interior design with outdoor elements for an upgraded modern boho look.

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