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Styling and rearranging your home is always fun and exciting. From choosing and shopping for rugs to looking for new ways to display your decor and furniture, designing your home interior requires planning and foresight. Especially now that all of us are staying home more often due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s more time to look for the perfect rug and style for your home.

One way you can easily decorate your home is by using area rugs and carpets. These decorations are both stylish and functional. No home is complete without one. But before you go on and look for what rugs are best for your space, you must first take a step back and plan how you’ll do all the styling. Here are some tips of what you should do when decorating your home with rugs and carpets, along with examples of mistakes that you should avoid:

Have a Vision for your Home

Some people consider decorating their personal spaces a therapeutic experience. Keep your home or space fresh and clean. Don’t let your space become cluttered, unorganized, and messy. Have a vision of your ideal space, and decorate it according to how you want it to look. Caring for your space is self-care. Getting rugs for your space makes the space organized and gives it a softer and homier feel.

Consider Where You Live

Another factor that you should consider when styling your home is its measurements and location. Look at the layout or the floorplan of your home first to see which areas need rugs. Rugs and carpets are also great sound insulators for living rooms and safety precautions for areas with heavy foot traffic. The last thing you want is stains all over your floor or your neighbors hearing your every move.

Match your Rugs with your Interior

Some rooms and spaces look better with specific kinds of rug designs. Carpets that have bold colors and prints are well paired with neutral-colored furniture. An example of this is Cyrus Rugs’ Creek Collection. These hand-knotted wool rugs from the renowned Minneapolis rug manufacturer are perfect pieces for giving your space that extra personality.

Cyrus Artisan Creek-Crk-20 Rugs”

 If your space has more of a rustic vibe, textured rugs work well. Contemporary rugs with geometric or graphic patterns can be used as statement pieces in a minimalist style space. You can also layer different rugs, such as those with animal prints to give your space more personality and diversity. 

Cover where most of the Foot Traffic is

High-traffic areas in your home include hallways and entrances. These areas are where people walk on often. Covering these areas with durable rugs is essential in both protecting your flooring and preventing slippages from occurring.

Extend Rugs under Furniture

Speaking of protection, rugs are also a great way of protecting both your furniture and floors from damage. For dining rooms, choose a rug about two feet longer and wider than your table so the chairs will always stay on the rug during use. Also, make sure the rug lays at least halfway under sofas and other upholstered pieces. Smaller furniture like side tables and chairs should ideally be on top of rugs.

blue Cyrus tribal Artisan Creek Rug

Size Matters

Size of rugs that is. The last thing that you want is having an area rug that is too small or too big for your space. Remember, it’s better to invest in an expensive rug that’s the right size than replacing a wrong one. Make sure to look back at the floorplan of your space and know its measurements before you purchase a rug or carpet for it. If you’re more specific with your home decor, you can commission custom rugs so that it will be perfect for your home. 

Practicality Comes First

While good-looking rugs will spruce up your home, it would be meaningless if they’re not useful. Rugs and carpets are one of those decors elements that should be functional as they are stylish. Durable rugs are especially needed when you’re looking to cover heavy-traffic areas in your home. On the other hand, darker-colored and two-tone rugs are much more forgiving of marks and stains. Save the more delicate rugs for bedrooms and other areas where fewer people would walk on them.

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