More workers are working from their home office these days. The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic forced several companies to go remote. As a result, many employees are working at home for the first time, so some home office interior design tips can be helpful. 

Maybe you’re one of those workers. Perhaps you’ve worked from home for a while. Either way, there’s no arguing that staying productive while working from home can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are several interior design tricks that can help you remain productive while working at home. 

Thoughtful interior design is all about designing with purpose. If you focus on increasing your productivity, it’s totally possible to improve your workflow with a few simple tricks. 

Here are some tips for maximizing your productivity with your home office’s interior design.

Home Office Interior Design

Eliminate Distractions

Ask most people who work from home what the biggest hurdle is, and nine times out of ten, they’ll tell you it’s the distractions. There’s no shortage of distractions in your home, so you must design your home office in a manner that helps eliminate those distractions. 

Get rid of the TV. Don’t be afraid to close the door during work hours. If your office is in a shared room, consider setting up some glass walls so that you can seclude yourself and focus. Glass walls are great because they allow you to have privacy without totally shutting yourself off and closing yourself in. Do whatever you need to do to minimize the distractions. 

Reduce Clutter 

Minimalism design isn’t just a trendy aesthetic. It’s also an excellent way to approach your home office design. Clutter, busy decorations, and loud patterns can be distracting. Instead, go for a minimalistic aesthetic. 

Simplify your decorations down to the essential pieces. Eliminate any standing clutter and find storage space for anything that doesn’t have a home. A clean office leads to a clear mind. That clarity will help you focus and stay productive.

Use Color Theory

Did you know that specific colors elicit certain reactions and moods? Recent studies indicate that colors can play a heavy hand in our overall productivity. Some make us excited, and others make us apathetic. But, which colors are the best for productivity? 

Blue and green hues boost productivity and focus. Yellows can inspire creativity, but be careful, because yellow can also cause anxiety, high-energy, and frustration. Consider painting your office a calming hue of blue, or accent your office with blue decorations to help set your mood correctly.

Home Office Interior Design

Bring in Some Greenery

Green isn’t just a great color for productivity. Greenery, like plants, can actually improve mood and boost focus. One study found that workers who had plenty of exposure to natural sunlight and plants during the workday were more productive, had higher job satisfaction, and they reported lower levels of depressions and anxiety. 

There’s no need to bring in a whole garden. Instead, small plants like succulents or a bonsai tree are fantastic ways to bring in nature and benefit from its positive effects. 

Cut Out the Noise

While you can close your door, put up walls, and wear headphones, you’ll find that there are a lot of distracting noises when working from home. The barking dog next door, your child watching an animated film at top volume, and your neighbor mowing their lawn are all common nuisances. 

While you can’t force the world to be quiet, you can looking into noise-proofing and acoustic solutions, like ceiling panels. These things help boost acoustics while eliminating distracting noises. They’re beautiful to look at, too. Unlike other solutions for noise control, like soundproofing the walls or bulky furniture, ceiling panes stay out of the way while controlling the noise. 

Focus on Comfort

It’s a common misconception that tiny cubicles and non-ergonomic chairs make people more productive. When you’re uncomfortable, it’s challenging to stay productive. When you’re uncomfortable, you’re forced to split focus on whatever project you’re working on and trying to find a comfortable position. 

Make your office comfy and cozy. While you don’t want to make it so cozy that you want to sleep, you should be able to relax easily and home in on your tasks. Choose relaxing lighting and a desk that’s a comfortable height. Pick a chair that you can sit in for several hours at a time. 

Productivity While Working from Home is Possible

Home Office Interior Design

These simple home office interior design tips are a few ways to help boost your productivity. While self-discipline is critical, your office’s design could be hurting your focus. All of these tips are fairly simple to do, but they can make a dramatic impact on your productivity. 

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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