Business as usual for interior designers

Kind of… With so many of us self-isolating or sheltering in place at home these days due to the national coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard not to pay more attention to our physical realm. Funny enough, home DIY projects are on the uptick. Your closet has probably never been organized better than right now. Hopefully, you’ve gathered a few boxes of items to donate to your local shelter or food shelf to help spread the love to those that need some.

Tiffany Hanken Design is committed to you and to finding innovative solutions for your home or business interior design requirements.

For many in the design community, however, the rapid spread of COVID-19 has caused them to reevaluate their life’s work, and what it might mean to design for a world that will never be quite the same, especially when it comes to how we gather in and use large public spaces, like airports, hotels, hospitals, gyms, and offices. So how have we adapted interior design during COVID-19?

How Interior Designers are adapting

Our lives have changed in the blink of an eye. For many, their jobs and finances are on hold. But for some, things are merely postponed. Interior Designers are well equipped to help solve many of humanity’s problems, including this one. On a daily basis we face real-life challenges in our working environments – building, designing, connecting, managing, remaining positive and being strong together to achieve goals.

How Tiffany Hanken Design is working for you

We’ve quickly adapted to amend our process to work virtually and remotely until we can see your lovely faces in person. You shouldn’t cancel your interior design plans, in fact you don’t need to postpone them either. Much of our work is done behind the scenes and takes time. We can begin the process by leveraging technology.

Here are the ways we are working with our clients for interior design during COVID-19

  • Our Virtual Process is already in place.
  • We are mailing samples directly to you whether it’s wallpaper, tile or wood.
  • Online presentations are done using Wecora and Zoom.
  • Prepping as much as possible prior to the start of any project saves money and time, plus it is fun! 
  • Redesigning your spaces using what you already have! This can make being at home more fun and accommodate your new lifestyle – all done virtually.

Below are two examples of online design schemes.

Below is an example from the actual home that the above design scheme came from. It’s really fun to piece it together virtually, but to see it come to life in your home is the moment that we wait for.

Online Interior Design during COVID-19
901 N. 3rd Street, Minneapolis

Open offices on the decline

Open offices were already on the decline before Covid-19. We hope, in all of this, that workplace leaders will take the best of what they’ve learned from virtual working to help create office spaces that allow for a balance of isolated concentration and productive, meaningful collaboration.

It’s fairly predictable that public spaces will move toward more automation to mitigate contagion. COVID-19 has caused a massive change and it is speeding up the development of all types of touch-less technology – automatic doors, voice-activated elevators, cellphone-controlled hotel room entry, hands-free light switches, and temperature controls, automated luggage bag tags, and advanced airport check-in and security and much more.

What’s next?

The weeks ahead promise to bring unprecedented challenges. Please know that we are here to support you as you navigate this difficult time. Tiffany Hanken Design is committed to you and to finding innovative solutions for your home or business interior design requirements. \

My team is available to talk on Skype, Zoom, whatever you need. We are actively scheduling online meetings and design walkthroughs. And, most importantly, we want to hear from you so we can continue to be a valued and trusted home interior design partner in Minneapolis and beyond.