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Well, it is a brand new decade and a fresh start. Let’s kick off 2020 with what has proven to be THE crowd favorite – kitchens! Everyone loves their kitchens and so do we.  It’s where we gather to cook, eat, laugh, create school science projects that will likely explode, etc. So, getting to dream about what your future kitchen could be like is intoxicating.

There is a certain fantasy that the kitchen holds that makes us want to jump in with both feet, but at the same time they are hard and stressful to design so you want to have one that looks unique and creative, but not dated.

Now, this year, in particular, is filled with some very unexpected, very cool trends and ideas that I really like. It’s all about new ideas but not negating how much we like classic kitchens, too. So let’s kitchen dream together, shall we? It’s 2020 and the sky is the limit.

Unexpected Shapes

Unexpected shapes in modern kitchen design trends
photo by genevieve lutkin | design by sella concept | via ad spain

Trends are all about the unexpected and different, which is something almost all designers try to implement in their designs. And in 2020 we predict that this must-have unexpected element will be hitting the kitchen in a bigger way than ever. See, for example, the simple but impactful curve in the cabinetry and island in that stunning green kitchen above.

Interior design, kitchen design
photo and design by bri ussery | via domino

We do understand that taking that leap into “unexpected element land” can be daunting as a kitchen is an expensive space to remodel so risks can seem like a very bad idea. But think of it as a chance to show a little bit of your personality. Take Bri Ussery’s pill-shaped wall cutout. It’s a simple “unexpected” shape that gives her kitchen that wow factor.

Alternative kitchen design ideas
photo and design by dries otten and emma thyssen

You can even rethink the shapes of your cabinetry like Dries Otten and Emma Thyssen did with their very modern house-shaped cabinet. While this shape isn’t a style that can easily translate to just anyone’s home, the idea of thinking outside the box when it comes to cabinetry is extremely cool.

Kitchen design trends for 2020
design by beata heuman | photo by simon brown | via domino

Another way to get your unexpected element game on is by playing with your backsplash shape. This marble keyhole backsplash by the very talented Beata Heuman is so good and potentially fairly doable if you are already having a stone custom cut for your kitchen.

Why not, right??

Rounded island kitchen design
photo by the ingalls design by and and and studio | via dwell

Lastly, check out this rounded island by And And And Studio. Words can’t describe our love for it because that’s how good it is. Plus, it’s kid and clumsy people-friendly since there are no hard edges. So, if you are renovating your kitchen please consider a rounded island because it is the coolest and all of your friends will think so too.

Cylinder Hoods

Cylinder hoods in kitchen design
photo by tom ross | design by fieldwork architecture | via the design files

Last year we called “the statement hood” trend and this year, while VERY much a statement, the hoods are more specific. I am talking cylinder hoods. They aren’t brand new to the kitchen design world (Europe and Australia have been on it) but they are making much more noise than ever. I mean they are truly awesome so I am not surprised by this one. But, what I also love about this modern but simple yet grand hood is that there isn’t just one way to install it. You can take this hood off of the wall and over a kitchen island with ease and grace. It literally doesn’t have a bad side.

Cylinder hoods in kitchen trends
photo by tom roe | design by finnis architects | via wallpaper

Another option is to double up with two of these cool beauts. The option to install two is not only a cool choice but handy if the scale doesn’t look right with just one.

Tumbled Stone / Tiled Stone

tumbled and tiled stone trends in kitchen interior design
photo by tessa neustadt | design by amber interiors | via all sorts of

Tiles with faux worn edges get a bad rap because they were overused in “French Mediterranean’ McMansions in the ’80s and ’90s, looking pretty fake and gaudy. But good ones are being made and when designed right, we love it. This is a stone floor and is a much larger scale, but the edges are worn and have that tumbled effect.

So much more…

For more tumbled & tiled stone done right, wood cabinet kitchen trends and stone backsplash ideas, read the full article HERE.

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