Preserved flowers and preserved roses are a pretty new concept; we’ll get to that in just a minute. Flowers and roses are a simple, beautiful and subtle way to bring a statement to your home’s interior design, as well as adding a fresh warmth and charm to a room. The mere presence of flowers can infuse a space with cheer, vitality, and color.

Taylor Skye Flowers are preserved through a process that uses a 100% plant-based and biodegradable formula.

Your Interior Designer may use flowers in many ways. Flowers or roses may form components of table settings that complement the design scheme and layout of your home. They may bring life, combined with natural light to an otherwise plain window bay area. Flowers can be used in a discrete manner to add just the right splash of color to a room, but they can also become the centerpiece display of a kitchen, entryway, bedroom or other large space that begs to have an inviting element as you enter the room.

Using Preserved Flowers in Interior Design
Preserved Flower Design by Taylor Skye Flowers

Flowers are often used in their fresh and live form, but can also be dried to be used for a longer period of time. Regardless of the presence of flowers, they imbue a room with character, ambiance and a sense of life.

Preserved Flowers & Roses

Interior design and home decoration have recently changed quite a bit when it comes to roses and flowers. The preservation process will allow you to add preserved roses or preserved flowers to your home’s design scheme that will last for up to a year. Preserved flowers have the same appearance as live flowers so implementing flowers into your overall interior design plan is very realistic because you won’t have the ongoing expense of buying live flowers every few days or every week.

Preservation is a technique whereby the sap is substituted by a 100% natural conserving liquid. This liquid allows the plant to remain unchanged, with a flexible and natural feel, for a long time. As opposed to fresh plants and flowers, preserved roses and flowers do not need care or water. This makes them a much more economical, long-term choice and a high value for the money.

Our Partner in Flowers

We’re working with Taylor Skye Flowers as a partner in the preserved flower business. Taylor Skye is a Minneapolis native, who attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Taylor’s initial love and skillsets are in brand design and package design. Her creativity took her to Miami briefly and then Ecuador to work with Ecuadorian food companies. She discovered her second love for nature and exploration, which led her to the rose farms of Ecuador. Not long after moving to Ecuador, Taylor Skye Flowers was born.

Using Preserved Flowers in Interior Design
Taylor Skye. Preserved Flower Designer.

About preserved plants

Taylor Skye Flowers is 100% natural plants that stay looking fresh through an eco-friendly preservation process. With proper care, they will maintain their beauty and freshness for over a year without water or sunlight. They come in a variety of colors and designs and are customizable. Her plants are preserved with an eco-friendly and recyclable formula. They are also biodegradable.

Enjoy the authentic beauty of fresh plants with the long-lasting life and convenience of silk plants.

How roses and flowers are preserved

First, the plants are harvested at the peak of their beauty. Next, they are preserved through a process that uses a 100% plant-based and biodegradable formula. The formula replaces specific properties of the plant allowing it to retain its beauty for over a year without water or sunlight. This highly sophisticated method of plant preservation has existed for over two decades.

Using Preserved Flowers in Interior Design

Advantages of Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers allow you to enjoy the authentic beauty of fresh plants with the long-lasting life and convenience of silk plants. They are maintenance-free and don’t need water or sunlight. Taylor Skye products are free of plastic and synthetic materials. They will not grow or age. They are not freeze-dried or dehydrated. These techniques destroy essential properties that are needed to preserve the fresh appearance of plants. They are non-toxic and safe to be touched by humans and animals and are more ecological than both fresh and artificial plants. They require less energy for storage compared to fresh plants and are not composed of environmentally harmful materials that can be found in artificial plants.

Preserved flower care

  • Handle with care; they are delicate.
  • Use indoors only.
  • Use for one full year or more.
  • Avoid 80% humidity.
  • Don’t expose to water.
  • Clean with a blowdryer.

Preserved roses and preserved flowers have many more decorative possibilities than fresh flowers. They make it possible to make exquisitely beautiful and original floral compositions, which would be impossible to make with fresh flowersThe colors that become available with preserved flowers and natural coloring techniques will also open an entire world of interior design possibilities.

Using Preserved Flowers in Interior Design
Preserved Flowers offer hundreds of customized colors to choose from.

The Interior Design Process

You will be introduced to flowers when working with Tiffany Hanken Design on your home’s color schemes and flow. Many of our clients implement live flowers into their designs and keep them fresh throughout the year. Now, we have the ability to customize and select the perfect preserved flower arrangements for your home that will last for more than an entire year.

Flowers should be enjoyed and admired. They are tailor-made by nature for any occasion and Taylor Skye-preserved for your long-term viewing pleasure.

Using Preserved Flowers in Interior Design
Using Preserved Flowers in Interior Design