It has become an annual event. In early December the world of interior design, fashion, food, baking and more eagerly await the color experts at Pantone to release the Pantone Color of the Year. They boldly forecast a shade that they believe will set the tone (quite literally) for the ensuing year ahead.  Last year gave us Ultra-Violet; in 2017, we enjoyed Greenery.

This year’s Pantone color of the year? Living Coral.

Living Coral, also known as Pantone 16-1546, is a warm, peachy orange with a life-affirming golden undertone. It is described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”, the warm color will trend in 2019 on everything from nail polish to paint. The color evokes vitality and buoyancy; the marine invertebrate get its vibrant tone from the tiny algae living on its surface.

However, you can find this vibrant and inspiring hue just about everywhere from a trip to the market, online stores or your favorite restaurant.

Pantone color of the year 2019 – Living Coral. GETTY

Pantone Color of the Year in Interior Desigm

There are endless colors to choose from. Most of the time, the color of the year is chosen by looking at everything in our envirnoment – the influencers: beauty, fashion, art, what people are wearing and buying, posting about on social media, etc.

In a time when so many of us are increasingly immersed in digital experiences that can be cold and isolating, Living Coral felt like an appealing shade of connection. There’s just something about the color that feels earthbound and welcoming, optimistic and intimate. And those are the exact reason’s Living coral is so applicable in the home and design space.

Elle Decor
Design by Lizette Marie Interior Design.
David Duncan Livingston

Pantone Color of the Year in Accessories

You can expect to see people using this color in many places, specifically as accents in their home. Just a little dollop of color can go a long way in bringing a space to life. But even though coral is so bright and bold, it’s the kind of color you could paint an entire room. It would be great in an entryway or a bathroom. You could see someone with a great coral couch. It’s a shade that people want to live with, which is exactly why Pantone chose it.

Kitchen Aid mixer at Williams Sonoma

Pantone Color of the Year in Food

According to Forbes, “Living Coral can become a living breakfast treat topped with the inviting tone. Nashville’s family-owned Five Daughters Bakery features several Pantone-toned frosted donuts. From their Huckleberry vegan donut and Roasted Strawberry With Sprinkles to their Blood Orange pastry, the bakery brings the color to the frosting toppers of the local favorite donuts. These donuts don’t just look pretty; they also taste good with hints of blood orange, raspberry, and roasted strawberry.”

Donut with living coral glazeGETTY

Pantone Color of the Year in Makeup

2019 beauty trends. From brightly colored lips to gold glitter eyelids, these are beauty trends you’ll see a lot of this year. Jessica Mae, the founder of WarPaint International Beauty Agency, stopped by Twin Cities Live (KSTP 5) with the top 5 beauty trends in 2019. One of them included Pantone color of the year lipstick by Elixery Cosmetics in Minnesota.

Watch the live segment HERE.

Ingenue by Elixery. Pantone Color of the Year Makeup.

Interior Design with Pantone Color of the Year

Whether you’re accessorizing a newly renovated home with the Pantone Color of the Year or seeking full interior design services from the ground up, Tiffany Hanken Design can help you. Our mission is to create spaces that are so exceptional, we change our clients lives through their environment.