Kitchen trends for the new year

Some interior designers may warn against fleeting trends because of the argument that time-tested materials and practices will stand the test of time much better than an overload of terrazzo pink/blue velvet everything. This concept can hold true in almost any cornerstone item in your life. But kitchen trends are a little different as they guide homeowners to make decisions about their interiors that will last a decade or two. They are also arguably invaluable, otherwise, we’d all still be renovating our kitchens with decades-old Tuscan-style cabinets and checkered floors.

What might a modern kitchen look like in 2019? What type of hardware will be popular? Will upper cabinets still be around? What materials will be worth investing in to carry your kitchen in the future and beyond? According to, there are seven top kitchen trends for 2019 that are definitely worth considering. From storage walls to conceal all your pantry’s slack to simple time-tested finishes and curated decorative accents, these are the hot kitchen trends you can expect to see more of in 2019.

Timeless Finishes

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Photo: Jeremiah Brent for My Domaine

Whereas 2018 kitchen design trends were full of trendy materials such as terrazzo, 2019’s materials are a lot more subdued and rooted in tradition. The forms and shapes of kitchens in 2019 will remain modern, but the materials will showcase a nod to traditional methods and practices: honed marble, natural wood, plastered walls, and polished concrete.

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Waterworks Keystone Field Tile ($38)

Storage Walls

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck for My Domaine

Gone are the days of kitchens that have wraparound counters and upper cabinets. The new kitchens of 2019 will feature one wall of lower cabinets and countertops, a larger island, and floor-to-ceiling storage in the rest of the space. Think of storage walls as the modern equivalent of the classic butler’s pantry—updated for today’s smaller spaces.

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

CB2 Brushed Brass Square Handles ($11)

Modern Beadboard Cabinets

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Photo: Elizabeth Roberts for My Domaine

Farewell, Shaker cabinets—the new hot cabinet trend is a modern-minimal take on classic shiplap or beadboard-paneled cabinets, featuring groves along the height of the panels but no border or framing. In the Cobble Hill kitchen above, architect Elizabeth Robert installed these lower cabinets across from a floor-to-ceiling storage wall and paired them with a soapstone countertop and plastered walls.

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Aerin Gabriela Round Wall Washer ($419)

Minimal Hardware

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Photo: Studio Ashby for My Domaine

Though materials are taking a turn for the more traditional in 2019, the hardware is virtually disappearing. Seamless cabinets are on the rise, along with subtle edge pulls that let the cabinet doors and countertop shine. This is not the year of the over-the-top brass hardware, so spend a little more on that marble countertop and save on cabinet hardware.

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Rejuvenation Edge Pull ( $39) $31

Concealed Hood Ranges

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Photo: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Though we’ve seen our fair share of statement range hoods in recent years, 2019 is pointing toward a rise in concealed ventilation in the kitchen—as seen above in Mandy Moore’s kitchen designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel. In some cases, the range hood is even concealed in kitchen cabinet fronts—virtually disappearing in a modern kitchen design.

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

La Cornue CornuFe 110 Range ($10500)

Backsplash Shelves

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Photo: Catherine Kwong

As we’re seeing fewer kitchens with traditional upper cabinets, statement backsplashes are on the rise. Specifically, stone backsplashes with a narrow ledge or shelf are having a moment—and will only continue to grow in popularity in 2019. The signature style, first spotted in French interior designer Joseph Dirand’s kitchen, is now building momentum stateside.

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

The Heidies Versailles Analogic ($380)

Curated Accessories

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Photo: Amber Interiors for My Domaine

After the minimalist wave of recent years, 2019 kitchens will start resembling other rooms in the house more and feeling more collected than clinical. We’re predicting a rise in glass-paneled shelving, curated bookcases, and kitchens filled with personal items like vintage rugs, artwork, stoneware pottery, and other collected items.

Interior Design Kitchen Trends for 2019

Pigeon Toe Stackable Matte Ceramic Thimble Cups ($44)

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