Update your kitchen. Brighten the entire home.

Update your kitchen… Like many kitchens, your kitchen is probably the most adored room in your home. The wear and tear on your countertops, appliances, gear and more is proof that it’s your favorite spot. If you have hungry kids, it’s where they hang out. It’s where you catch up with him or her after a long day work and its even the spot your friends and family prefer to be in during the holidays.

A functional and appealing kitchen is important for your family and for your guests.  After all, your delicious cooking will only be as appetizing as the environment its served in. Think you update your kitchen and give it some love? Here are some signs that your kitchen may need an upgrade.

Not enough counter space

If your counters and walls are covered with appliances, utensils, food, or storage containers, you need an upgrade. Ideally, your counters and shelves should always be clutter-free, and everything should have an easily accessible place.  Adding more counter space doesn’t have to mean tearing down walls and rehauling the layout. If your floor plan allows, installing an island is a great and relatively simple way to add counter space.

If it’s not space but the clutter that’s the problem, larger cabinets or deeper drawers will increase storage so you can reclaim your counters.

Update Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen wall look like this?

Outdated appliances

Perhaps they were there when you moved in, or maybe they came with you from decades ago when you bought the home. Either way, outdated appliances can take your home from spectacular to sub-par in one glimpse. They also don’t meet modern energy standards and can add to your electric bill making them very expensive over time.

Consider their safety, too. If you have to press a secret combination of buttons, chant a spell, or put your ear on it to light your range, it’s time to upgrade to newer, safer appliances. When you do upgrade, consult a professional electrician to make sure everything is wired properly and up to code. Your interior designer can’t do that, but they’ll make recommendations within their network of resources.

Update Your Kitchen

These need to go!


Damage and wear

Your friends and family don’t expect your kitchen to stay in like-new condition forever, but damage beyond normal wear and tear must be addressed. Water damage from a leaking fridge or dishwasher can cause mold on and underneath the flooring or peeling on the countertops, floors and walls, depending on the materials. Not only is this extremely unsightly it’s really bad for your family’s health.

Cracked, peeling or chipped countertops and floors are prime spots for dangerous bacteria to reside or even to get an unexpected cut or sliver. Even clean counters and floors with stains can cause your guests to think twice when they’re invited over a second time. Upgrading to newer counters made from a durable material like granite is a good investment that can last practically a lifetime.

You can’t find anything

How’s cooking in your home? Do you put on some jazz, pour a cocktail and slip away into your private land of creation? Or do you dread the commitment of slinging hash for the family How much time is actually spent on food prep versus searching for the right utensils, appliances, and dishware? A disorganized kitchen makes it difficult to find anything, which can cause anxiety over getting in the kitchen.  If you’ve ever stepped into a friend’s kitchen and been asked to cook last minute then you know this feeling. Your home shouldn’t leave you scattered and frustrated.

A fresh design and organization strategy is a worthy investment to get you eating in your own home again and enjoying the cooking process.

You are selling your house… but it won’t sell

Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen. Say it again! If you’re moving or saving for a new home, then your priorities have been with putting money away, but if you update your kitchen as part of the sales process, your likely to see that investment pays for itself in dividends. You see, home shoppers (like your friends) often gravitate first toward the kitchen. So, if you’ve been having trouble selling your home and the kitchen is outdated — then it’s time to update your kitchen.

Buyers are usually more interested in move-in ready homes that require little or no remodeling. A more appealing, upgraded kitchen can be a motivating factor for buyers because they know that the one place where they’ll spend most of the non-sleeping hours in the house is beautiful and inviting. This should reduce your time on the market significantly.


This beautiful kitchen remodel below was done by Tiffany Hanken Design – Minneapolis Interior Designer. Read the full story about this home remodel HERE.

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A Real Kitchen Remodel by Tiffany Haken Design.


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