The Kitchen Backsplash; Your Home’s Focal Point

The kitchen backsplash is no longer simply to protect walls from spills, splatters, gunk, and blowups. Any home renovation or tile store will showcase a wide array of eye-catching materials like glass, wood, metals, stone, mosaics and more. These design ideas have helped to make the kitchen backsplash the focal point of today’s favorite place to mingle in the home – the kitchen!

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, natural backsplash materials such as tile is still the most popular choice among home renovators, which natural stone coming in second. Depending on your personal taste though, you can get into something chic like trendy glass or shiny metals. Or if you’ve got a rustic touch, there are wood based tiles and kitchen backsplash ideas that can really make your home cozy and warm. Ultimately, in today’s interior design-forward style of living, there really is no end to what can be done when remodeling your kitchen.

With the right Interior Designer and installer, you can make just about anything work.

Kitchen Backsplash ideas

Wooden Kitchen Backsplash with a modern twist. Photo by: Kurt Hettle

What your kitchen says about you

Believe it or not, because your kitchen is a focal room in your house for both family and guests, it can reveal quite a bit about who you are – your style, your tastes, your desires… The kitchen is literally the beating heart of your home. It’s not just where the food and wine is — the kitchen is the central hub that runs a family.

For these reasons, the kitchen has got to match your style, not just in the way it looks, but in how it feels when you use it. Are you modern and chic? Are you timeless and classy? Are you eastern seaboard, southwestern influenced or Northwoods cabin? Let’s look at few examples for some inspiration.


Classic kitchens are like classic cars in that they never go out of style. However, your kitchen has to work all the time, every time so you take care of it like your flesh and blood.

Today’s classic kitchen design very much has a French bistro influence in its kitchen backsplash design. It’s a marriage of wood paneling, heritage colors and reliable modern appliances, which work in perfect harmony with your methodical kitchen style. You’re efficient and tidy as you go — not a messy cook.

Classic kitchen backsplash ideas

Classic, timeless kitchen backsplash design. Photo by Martin Moore for House Beautiful.



The emphasis in this kitchen is on usable design, with everything clearly ordered and within arm’s reach. Your kitchen style by no means calls for a hard, utilitarian workspace — you just know exactly what you want and how you’re going to use it. You’re a creative cook, a willing chef and ready to serve in a space that is designed to entertain. The kitchen backsplash in this design is modern and minimalist. It delivers simple beauty and usability.

architectural kitchen backsplash ideas

Architectural kitchen backsplash design. Photo by Martin Moore for House Beautiful.



Just look at the wood paneling kitchen backsplash design in this example. The modern kitchen design is for people who love to entertian and show off what they’ve created – both their kitchen and their cooking creations. This homeowner is not a chef, but rather a scientist mixing concoctions as and plate offerings as diverse and beautiful as their space. A playground of experimentation.

It’s an exciting space with an unpredictable charm.

Modern Kitchen backsplash tile ideas

Modern architectural kitchen backsplash design. Photo by Martin Moore for House Beautiful.



For you, the country theme and white kitchen backsplash tile are truly a calling card. There is no voice activated microwave, wi-fi fridge or iPads on cooking stands here. This country kitchen is the ultimate comfort zone – laid back and relaxed, just like you. In this kitchen, you’ve got only one thing on your mind; home cooked food being crafted from page-turner cookbooks handed down from the generations.

Home sweet home indeed, and home is definitely where the heart is.

Country kitchen backsplash tile ideas

Country kitchen backsplash design. Photo by Martin Moore for House Beautiful.



This interior design idea is very clean cut and your kitchen backsplash tile choice matches. The area is clear of excess and mess – everything has it’s place. You really don’t deal in trinkets or unnecessary extras when it comes to your cooking space; it’s just the essentials in this kitchen. Though this space may be very “Room & Board”, the fire ignites when you enter the room and place your cutting board and knives into their place.


It’s not everyone’s taste but your guest will be enthralled by the backdrop and the result of the machine. Food, cocktails, conversation, and memories are made here. Your friends come here vs. the new local splash – you’re really just ahead of your time.

See the entire interior design project in Minneapolis for the image below HERE>

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Idea

Minimalist urban kitchen backsplash tile and interior design by Tiffany Hanken – Minneapolis.



This one also is not for everyone, but perhaps it’s also your favorite… If you come from a long line of Italian cooks (meaning your Nona) then this kitchen backsplash tile and interior design idea are likely your comfort food (no pun intended). Though it has a very country feel to it as well, the color scheme in the backsplash, the rounded built-in fireplace, the iron light fixtures – this all seduces into a warm, fuzzy place that resembles and old world kitchen.

We could only expect handmade pasta, meatballs, pies and mulled wine to literally pour from this kitchen for family holiday get-togethers.


Old World kitchen backsplash ideas