Bar Stools Have Taken Over Interior Design

Bar stools are the new focus piece for many interior designers and the ultimate piece of jewelry for your kitchen. The best part about today’s interior design standards is that you can be as creative as you want. And items that were the norm in 1920’s – 1960’s (before people thought to design around them) are back in a big way. And bar stools take the center stage (though you may see a sunken living room cropping up here and there…)

As long as your style maintains a certain class and elegance, there really are no boundaries that can be crossed.

The old rules of symmetry in your room still apply for many, but if that’s just not your style, then ditch them and do something modern and cool. Chances are, with the help of your interior Designer, you’ll come up with just a little bit of genius.

Urban Design Features

If you’re looking to bring a rugged edge to your urban condo or loft, bar stools are an excellent way to do that. You can create a fantastic combination of textures and colors, but you must introduce it to the right style. For example, a rustic kitchen might really take a liking to bar stools with a metal base and wooden seat. You might also want to find something that has some industrial elements to it, like screws or metal caps that show off some unique style.

Industrial bar stools

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Retro Bar Stool Dapper Design

Does your Don Draper want to come out? Maybe you live (or pretend you do) like a 1950’s advertising mogul in Chicago or New York. Adapting your apartment to your beckoning style should be no problem at all. These “Calvin Bar Stools” from Arteriors Home might do the trick.

Arteriors Home Bar StoolsArteriors Home Bar Stools


Maybe you’ll even buy yourself Don Draper’s bar cart.


Bar stools and Don Draper's bar cart

Texture and Comfort

You can spoil yourself with a bit of luxury. Since bar stools come in such wide varieties of colors and textures these days, almost anyone can find something they love. So if your personal taste tends to beg texture and warm luxury, then we have the perfect recommendation for you. These are comfy and add a touch of warmth to any décor, despite the color scheme you see below – you can make it your own! These examples of multi-texture bar stools create a balance between the stools and the rest of the room and will give the impression of space and warmth.

Textured Bar Stools


Industrial Design

Bar stools can also be great if you want to bring a modern, urban loft feel to your space. Sometimes, the less textured and soft elements can bring a sharp contrast to your space that really helps your room stand out. Bar stools are perfect element to tie it all in.

We installed this wire-back bar stool from into MN Wild Player, Nino Niederreiter’s home. Just look at this space!

Wire-back bar stoolsModern bar stools


Industrial Chic

Lastly, you can carry out the industrial theme further with rounded metals, wooden seats, and plush colors. Our interior design project at 1426 Bussard Court in Minneapolis, does just this and adds a warm, welcoming space to anyone who crosses its doors threshold.

Industrial Chic bar stoolsIndustrial Chic bar stools


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