Your bedroom is your Sanctuary. It is the essence of your home and your livelihood. Upon entering the Master Bedroom, you should be instantly transformed to place of heavenly whispers and comfort – swooned with delight. It should be a place of zen and balance to you, and comfort and warmth to your guests. Getting good rest is one of the single most important factors to leading happy, healthy and productive lives. Your master bedroom should spearhead this natural therapy.

How to make your bedroom romantic.

But let’s be honest, when its time to get down to the dirty… your master bedroom should resonate “passion”, “love” and “escape”. Sleep, though a major function of health and wellness, often takes a backseat to sexy time. If your bedroom is looking a little drab, there are many simple improvements that can be made to offer a plush, inviting and romantic environment for all of the above.

So read on for our best tips and advice and how to make your bedroom more romantic. You likely want a better offering than rolling around on the floor…

How to make your bedroom romantic

Though occasionally fun, the floor does not inspire passion and love.

The Master Bedroom is a place where love and romance should be inspired, cultivated and embraced. Yet, for many couples, the bedroom is often treated as a storeroom for clutter and confusion. Women are especially affected by the state of the bedroom and the home in general, because they feel connected to it in an intimate way. The home is often an extension of our own personal style – the colors on the wall, our furniture, pictures, and decorations, are all chosen based on our “style”. We want people to perceive something about us individuals by the what we create in our homes. Your bedroom is even more important.

Provocative thought. If a friend or acquaintance were to walk into your bedroom today, what might they say about your marriage or relationship? Does the room speak to love and family or does it leave you feeling inadequate with some bits to be desired? Hopefully, the following tips will not only help you get your beauty sleep, but will also super-charge your intimacy with a relaxing, inviting space.

Clean up clutter and storage.

Your bedroom is not the place you put everything that you don’t want others to see. As easy as it is to let this happen – DO NOT DO IT. You’re not alone; everyone has encountered this problem – magazine, stacks of bills, laptops, unread newsletters, pens, checkbooks, etc, etc. Your dresser, drawers or bedside table are first most likely candidates to become a disaster. Any person entering this space (whether your partner or not) immediately gets a sense of dysfunction, disorganization and stress. Top it off with a pile of clothes on the floor next to the bed and one thing can be guaranteed. Sexy time is dead.

If you a romantic bedroom that serves your two most important functions, then all of your clutter must magically disappear. By simply straightening up the room, you’ll be far less stressed without constant reminders of projects, bills and other people’s to do lists.


How to Make Your Bedroom Romantic

No more sexy time. Image:

Choose soothing colors.

Color is so important in every aspect of relaxation and self-identity. Make sure that you are painting your home – more especially your master bedroom with warm and soothing colors. Colors have a way of connecting with emotions, much in the way music can bring you back to a certain time and place. It really doesn’t matter what the trends are; you should pick color schemes that make you feel comfortable and vulnerable. Be honest with yourself when choosing colors for your bedroom. What will make you feel like you’ve entered a den of blissful sleep but also inspired by intimate feelings with the one you love? Case in point, it needs to make sense for you and your family.

Curtains and lighting. You should always use subdued lighting in your bedroom. Ensuring your space is low-lit with soothing colored shades will ensure that romanticism is not handicapped from the get go. Your curtains are equally as important. In face curtains can say a lot about someone’s personality so here is your time to really shine. Try to match something that equals the relaxing and intimate environment you want you and your spouse or partner.

If you don’t know what colors and styles you like, start looking through home magazines and catalogs or turn on HGTV. You can even turn to Pinterest to start saving pins that really peak your interest. After while, you’ll begin to see some patterns in the ideas that you like. You can turn these ideas into actions and revitalize your master bedroom.

Decorate with memories and priority.

A common mentality is to use your best decorations for the main living area, kitchen or some space where guests are most likely to frequent. The bedroom is often an after-thought. But the heart of your home lies within your marriage or relationship so the bedroom should be an absolute top priority. Once selecting a color scheme for your bedroom, scour through the house for your “best” decorations that fit your new design direction. Then find a place for them in the bedroom. You should put as much decorative energy into your bedroom as you would a high traffic room of the house, without creating “clutter”. Your spouse will appreciate all the extra attention to romance and retreat.

The next step is to surround yourself with life’s best memories. This could be your wedding, your biggest vacation together, your recent boudoir photo shoot, special times together or whatever brings pleasure in your memories. Frame and display these to suit your interior design them in your master bedroom. Frame your wedding vows… You should put as much decorative energy into your bedroom as you would a high traffic room of the house, without creating “clutter”. Your spouse will appreciate all of your extra attention to romance and retreat, and it will remind you of how your love blossoms and grows over the years.

Tend to your senses.

An environment that is pleasing to your senses can satisfy your wish for a sleeping sanctuary or den of romance. Start with your linens. Linen spray is a quick and easy way to keep sheets smelling fresh. The soothing fragrances can calm a stressed loved one in the same way that body sprays can also keep you smelling fresh and even sweeten your time together.

Invest in good candles and use them. Many people use candles to decorate tables, shelves and the rest of the house. But be sure that you don’t miss out on the soft lighting and subtle fragrances that candles can offer your master bedroom. Nothing gives a romantic ambiance like candlelight, so find several fragrances and colors that you and your partner love, and make it a habit of burning them. Here’s a few more tips at WarPaint International on How to Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary.

How to Make Your Bedroom Romantic

Your bedroom should speak to romance, love and intimacy.

Add an element of music.

Music can be a game changer. Slow it down for some intimate play or speed it up for some spice and danger. Every human being has a physical and emotional reaction to music. If carefully selected, you can make an unplanned evening last an eternity. Whether you have in-home stereo with surround sound, or simple iPod speakers, find a way to play music in your bedroom. Choose a variety of music that soothes both you and your partner. And don’t forget to include songs that carry special meanings and memories. Make it a habit of putting on your favorite tunes to both relax and create a loving mood.

Finishing the evening with deep relaxation music or soothing outdoor sounds can help aid the other piece of the bedroom equation – SLEEP. Is it beginning to sound like you can master the bedroom situation?

Ditch the boob tube.

The Television. For pete’s sake, get rid of it. A good friend of mine once told me that the bedroom was designed for only two things and neither of them are on tv screen. Spending time in front of the television keeps the attention off of your lives, period. It’s great for a movie, or your favorite show now and then, but remember that the tv is an escape – not your real life. Before you know it, your time together before bed will slip away through the world of media. Author Bob DeMoss once wrote “I am convinced that the simple decision to unplug the tv for just one month has the power to revolutionize our relationships with our spouse, children, our world and our God.” ~ T.V.: The Great Escape.

Lastly, a beautiful bedroom only provides a portion of the romance. If you give your spouse the cold shoulder, or use the bedroom in a manipulative way, it will not be the warm place of love that it was meant to be. Work to make your time in the bedroom meaningful and memorable. It should be a time of building up your marriage emotionally and spiritually. Avoid conflicts before bedtime, communicate in loving way and practice humility. No matter how your bedroom looks to the naked eye, the heart will recognize it as a place of true love if you practice living beautifully.