Summer time is in FULL effect and this is the ideal time to consider a remodel before we meet the cold weather again! If you enjoy hosting guests or spending quality time with family in your home, this is your window to upgrade your kitchen and maximize the space you have!

There are multiple benefits to taking advantage of this warm weather. For example, we have more natural light in summer so you can get a better sense of color schemes and the natural beauty we can find in different materials. You’ll also be able to open your windows and get some fresh air, take your meals outside to the grill, or go to the lake for a nice, quiet break from the rumbles that can come with a summer home remodel.

Summer Remodel Inspiration Trends

This is a masculine-chic designed kitchen, ideal for entertaining large or intimate groups.

Summer home decorating ideas

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There are so many new ideas on the market from creative uses of colors and innovative materials to modern (and energy efficient), appliances that can make big statements in a small space.

Summer remodeling ideas for your home

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It’s amazing what lighting can do to create the perfect ambiance in ANY room, especially in a kitchen!  This clean and open space can create ambiance of romance OR become the perfect party spot!

Summer kitchen decorating ideas

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Get excited about the possibilities of Summer because before you know it, fall will be here and we’ll all be looking forward to some quality time with friends and family in our favorite room…the kitchen! Everyone loves to congregate around a beautiful kitchen space, and who wouldn’t? Food is there… Take advantage of summer weather and natural light.

A summer toast to you, as you continue to design the life you love with Tiffany Hanken Interior Design in Minneapolis.