Each year Pantone forecasts the color trends for the following year. Since fall is rapidly approaching it is already time to start looking at what to expect next year for color.

Here’s a Pantone report with nine different color schemes that we’ll all be seeing in homes next year. Each of the color combinations in the report are great, but I want to focus on the one called Serendipity (seen below). As you can see in the image, serendipity translates to “a pleasant surprise” or “a happy accident,” and the mixing of these colors has a serendipitous effect.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.04.17 PM

Because I was so intrigued by the Serendipity color combination I found some examples of variations of these colors in the home so you can be inspired for 2015!

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 6.28.06 PM

This cozy living room is predominantly Golden Glow but has quite a few Bright Chartreuse accents. Note how the walls, accessories, furniture and curtains are all the same color, but the pops of other colors break up the monotony and come together in a really beautiful room.


This busy living room is dominated by the Tiger’s Eye colored sofa and chair and is accentuated with notes of Scarlet Sage and even a touch of Eggshell Blue.


The mixing of Scarlet Sage and Magenta sure seem like a happy accident right? I love the dichotomy these two similar colors create when put together in the same room.


There are three Pantone colors all in this little foyer space: Puffin’s Bill, Eggshell and Bright Chartreuse. While they’re on different parts of the color wheel, these three colors blend together magnificently.


This bedroom/bathroom combination has walls of Eggshell Blue and accents of Bright Chartreuse … and the Bright Chartreuse accessories even have some Eggshell Blue accents!

So how will you incorporate Pantone’s Serendipity line into your home next year? Or will you opt for one of their other interior color combinations? Whatever you choose, I’d love to hear about it!