Today’s post is a tribute to my friends Beth and Nick, who are having a baby but are waiting until the child is born to find out its sex! In order to prepare for the arrival of the baby they still need to make a nursery, but it has to be gender-neutral. Gender-neutral color schemes don’t have to be boring, though! If you mix up textures, patterns and hues, you can have a perfectly adorable gender-neutral nursery without being dull. Here are some fun ways to do that:

Gender-Neutral Colors




Gender-neutral colors can include anything from navy to gray to yellow to beige, which opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to decorating a nursery.

Mixed Patterns


Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.47.41 PM


Stripes, flowers, animal print and geometric patterns can all be mixed together beautifully when the colors are slightly neutral like the images above.

Texture on Texture




Great gender-neutral nurseries are all about texture! Mix rugs flooring, stuffed animals and blankets with textures of all kind. Since the colors are more muted, there’s no reason not to pump some fun into the textures. Other good options are brick or reclaimed wood, assuming you cozy It up with warm blankets and soft carpets.

Neutral Toys & Decorations




Stuffed animals of all shapes, sizes and patterns work for both boys and girls. When it comes to a gender-neutral nursery you’ve got all the options in the world!

Whether it’s textures, fabrics, colors or patterns, anything but the traditional blue or pink will go.