Declutter & Organize Your Home


Though it may not seem like it, spring is exiting and summer is upon us. We’re in a different type of livelihood with quarantine living and this may mean that now is as good a time as ever to get started on your spring cleaning. Organizing and decluttering can actually be fun if done right. We’ve gathered some ideas for different parts of the home so you can start thinking about stylish ways to organize your home and bring new joy and happiness into your living space.

The Kitchen

Five Ways to Declutter & Organize


The open shelving trend has been and still is a huge trend that many people love, and I can see why! While dust might be slightly irritating, open shelving like the one above is a way to show off all of your beautiful dinnerware, while the cupboards can store the “not-so-pretty” pots and pans.

Open shelving can be added to any wall, therefore adding more storage room than your kitchen already has. This chalkboard idea is pretty cute, too…

The Office

Five Ways to Declutter & Organize

Matching boxes and paper filers are a beautiful way to store everything you pack into your home office. Documents can be properly stored and organized in the stand-up filers, while miscellaneous things like extra notebooks or pencils can be stuffed in the boxes.

What’s especially nice about the above boxes (besides how great they look) is the place for labeling. This will rid you of any headaches when you’re looking for something specific! Your office – organized and decluttered!

The Bathroom

Five Ways to Declutter & Organize


A fantastic way to keep your bathroom organized is to add a free-standing open shelf like the one above. It takes up very little space but it has a lot of storage. If the shelves aren’t packed with towels, toilet paper, and other necessities, feel free to dress it up like this one. It can add that extra touch of personalization to a room that often runs out of space.

The Vanity

Five Ways to Declutter & Organize


Vanities are inevitable for many women, even though they don’t always mesh well with the bedroom. A nice way to keep your jewelry organized is to display it beautifully, like the image above. Hanging necklaces on a frame like that almost looks like a piece of art while being very functional at the same time.

This can always help many women wear jewelry more often. The trite old saying “out of sight, out of mind” definitely applies to jewelry so give this method of organization a try and you might find yourself dropped in your fun things a bit more often!

The Garage

Five Ways to Declutter & Organize


Garages are one of the easiest places to let fill up with clutter. It seems to just happen overnight somehow.  But if you have storage units like the one above (which could be much smaller if you’re not blessed with this much space), you’ll have plenty of ways to organize. The magnetic strips hold tools and make them easy to find while the racks on the right hold the bigger tools. Organized shelving can make storing cleaning supplies so simple and the drawers are where you can stash the uncategorized clutter that you’re not sure what to yet do with.

The final word

Organizing and decluttering can be kind of stressful, but look at how great the reward is! Just take it one room at a time and next thing you know your home will be organized and beautiful. 

And during this pandemic time period, it will help you take your mind off the external stressors and onto your living space and family. All good things come from decluttering. Mind, body, spirit, and home

For even more great advice and nearly 4000 words on how decluttering and organizing can help your home, your mental state, and your productivity, check out “The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering Your Home“.

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