Being an interior designer, I absolutely love to see dull spaces and pieces of furniture be transformed into something beautiful. DIY projects are fun, inexpensive and generally pretty easy, especially with dressers. I collected some great before and after photos from Pinterest to show you just how fabulous you can make a drab dresser. Note the paint jobs – bright colors are very in right now! Be sure to click on the images to be taken to the website the images are from, each of which describe the transformation process.


Contrasting colors can look really great on the same piece of furniture when done like this piece above. The body is dark, the drawers are light and the handles and trim pull it all together by bringing the dark back to the front. I love this look!


This transformation is absolutely stunning! The dresser is quite unique to begin with, so I love that they kept the original look and feel but just brightened it up by painting it white and lightening up the metal pieces.


The before version of this dresser is the epitome of drab (to be fair, it’s 100+ years old!), but look how beautiful the after is. The owner of this dresser wanted to keep the heirloom in the family but didn’t like the shape it was in (can you blame her?) so she revived it by sanding, painting, swapping out old knobs for new ones and putting a nice tarnish on it. This is one of my favorite before-and-after shots.


Here’s another example of brightening up a boring dresser with bright paint and a nice finish. My favorite part of this is how they matched the top of the dresser to the new drawer handles. When you paint something a bold color like this green, it’s best to break it up with a less intense color.


This dresser is so much fun! It looks like an entirely different piece after its makeover. With dressers like this you can get really creative with the handle pieces. These are the original handles, which were pretty tarnished but spruced up with serious cleaner. Click on the image to see how she did the whole transformation.

Do you have any fun before-and-after shots of dresser DIY projects? I’d love to see what you have done!