Every week when I blog I talk about a theme, a specific trend or a room. For today’s blog I want to share all of the various cool spaces I’ve found online (namely on Pinterest; follow me here!) They don’t follow a particular rhyme or reason other than being unique and admirable! I’d love to hear what you have to say about these spaces and if there are any you’d like to share with me!

Vaulted Ceilings

Everything in this room is outstanding (like that makeshift fireplace and the mixed and matched oriental rugs) but what stands out to me the most is the vaulted ceiling! It’s a seamless continuation of the beautiful brick walls and it is absolutely mesmerizing. I wonder where this house is located! And who owns it for that matter?

Nooks and Crannies

Have you ever seen a more adorable nook? This could be used for countless things: a kids’ room, a reading nook or even, if space is tight, a living room! Like the above picture, the walls and ceilings are the same and it looks simply amazing.

Enchanting Wallpaper

This one isn’t so much about the physical space as it is about the imagery it provides you with. The colors of the walls, the gate and the ceiling mixed with the rustic furniture and mystical wallpaper really emulate an outdoor scene. Just think about all the other types of wallpaper there are and the imagery you can create with it!

Suspension Beds
Is this room a little extreme? Certainly. But is it amazing? Absolutely! Not everybody has enough space for a large bed, a full-sized fridge and a dining room table, so why not build up?

Wine Walls

Are you a big fan of wine but don’t have an entire room to sacrifice as a cellar? No problem – all you need is a wall!

When space is tight or when you’ve got a strange space to fill, get creative! So much beauty comes out of the unique things we initially find odd, like the above spaces.

Which was your favorite? Do you have any to add to the collection?