You may be surprised to find out that you can get a lot of great deals on furniture, or even find furniture for next to nothing through a large variety of resources. We’ll highlight a few sources that are very accessible.
Craigslist isn’t just for finding a job or your next place to live. While you may spend a little time sorting through the wide variety of furniture and pricing available, there are some amazing pieces. The dresser shown below is a pretty substantial piece of furniture that was purchased on Craigslist for only $50.

Another place to find furniture is Ebay. The only drawback of using this service is sometimes you have to bid on it or have to pay for shipping. There are many furniture pieces being sold that offer free shipping. Ebay is a great place to find unique pieces not everyone will have. Below are a couple home accessory examples, which sometimes is all you need to add some style to your place! Both of these sets were only $14.99 each.
The Salvation Army is another great place to find unique and inexpensive furniture. It also benefits a great cause, so you can feel good about spending money there. This type of furniture shopping isn’t as easy to find specific items, but sometimes you may find something you didn’t even think you were looking for in the first place. The console shown below was purchased at the Salvation Army.

For some people, going to garage sales and seeing what hidden treasure you can find is a fun challenge or hobby. In reality, garage sales can be hit or miss. Some people cycle through furniture, home accessories, and other items so quickly that the items at their garage sales are practically in mint condition. If you find something you like, but the condition or style isn’t what you were looking for, yet the the deal is irrisistable, read onto our recent post about what you can do to make it fabulous!

There is an endless array of resources for finding inexpensive or free furniture. If you live near friends and family, it is pretty likely that grandma may have an old set of dining chairs in storage, or you may have an aunt or uncle that has an old recliner in the garage. MSNBC suggested a couple other resources including The Freecycle Network, Sharing Is Giving,, ReUseIt Network, and Goodwill is another source to check out.
If used furniture isn’t your thing, warehouse stores and going out of business sales are great places to find inexpensive but often high quality furniture.

Just keep in mind, that measuring your space and the furniture in consideration is important to ensure it will fit. You also want to make sure you check the condition of the upholstery to ensure that it is clean.

 Once you find your furniture, it may need a facelift. Read on to last week’s post to find some inspiration to transform your furniture. Design the life you love!