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What a pleasure it is to make a house a home! This family loved the design work I created in their living room, master bedroom, and dinning room; they have now asked me to remodel and design the rest of their home! I am honored and excited to once again work with my talent contractor

I love hanging photographs of my family in my home and office. I also find myself asking my clients for special photographs to hang in their spaces; as personal photographs adds instant impact and emotional connection. Here are a few inside designer tricks to add high style to frames with items you may have in

Here is a design board for my current master bedroom project. I am excited to work beside my carpenter to create this modern day canopy. My client wanted lots of rich fabrics and bold patterns. I will work with a subtle wall treatment to balance textures, fabrics, and patterns. I use basic feng shui principles

Summer Entertaining is One of My Favorite Ways to Spend Time with my Loved Ones. This project came to me while shopping for granite counter tops for one of my clients. While I was deciding on color and texture, I asked the store owner if I could buy a few granite remnants to help me

Chandeliers add Glamour and an Element of Surprise- When Added to Area of Your Home Beside the Dinning Room. Please View Some of My Favorite Ways to add a Chandelier to Any Space:

Creating Impact With Mirrors

Thursday, 11 February 2010 by

Mirrors add style and sophistication to our homes. Here are a few design tricks that outline why I enjoy working with mirrors: Shine A little Light A mirror hung to reflect a window gives the illusion of another window in the room. The space will look bigger and, depending on the weather report, brighter. Add

We had the excitement of turning over a commercial space in just two days! The clothing boutique called upon Opulent Interiors’ design style to prepare for a re-grand opening celebration, complete with a full reggae band. There were many challenges with this project. One of the biggest challenges was time constrains; we needed to work

Statement Walls

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 by

I created a statement wall in my loft by using two bold paint colors and a simple paint treatment. The whole process was created in one afternoon.  Here are a few photos that demonstrate how effortless style can be when you take risks in your wall color choices. I also layered a lot of textures

A well designed home has well designed closets. A well designed closet’s major function is to ensure its contents have a designated place. Style is important to incorporate once closet layout is organized. We have included photos of some of our favorite well-designed closets with high style. The first step in creating your dream closet

Dream Closets!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009 by

Urban & Table Top Gardens

Wednesday, 22 July 2009 by

I have the honor to work with a client who’s patio overlooks a stunning view of Lake Calhoun and Minneapolis’ Downtown skyline. With this design project, I want to make sure the client has an outdoor living space that takes full advantage of the view; and also meets the client’s interests of entertaining, cooking and