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A proper lighting fixture really sets the tone for a room, and it can serve as the focal point for any space in the house. One of my favorite interior design trends right now is sculptural lighting. These unique fixtures are a mix of function (they are lights, right?) and art, with their beautiful bold shapes, unexpected combinations of materials and, sometimes, their immense size.

Sculptural lightings can range from the rough industrial look, with dark brass and bare bulbs, to elegant pieces that look more like statues than lighting. Sculptural lighting knows no limits, but here are 10 pieces I love. I hope they inspire you as much as they did me!

The best way to light the outside of your home really depends on where your home is located. If it’s an urban house, there likely aren’t a ton of trees and nearby streetlights are almost an inevitability. If your house is in the suburbs, however, that’s another story! There will typically be trees nearby, if not surrounding the house, and you’re likely to have some sort of a backyard. Because of the differences, some lighting concepts go better for one over the other.

Let’s take a closer look at exterior lighting ideas for the suburban home: