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Many people strictly follow the rule that if you have silver in a room, everything has to be silver; if you have copper appliances, everything else needs to be copper. But that’s simply not true! Mixing metals makes for beautiful rooms by adding dimension and bringing in a unique decorating tactic.

If you need some convincing as to why you should mix metals, I’ve rounded up eight examples that prove just how great it can be. 

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The Fourth of July isn’t the only day to use red, white and blue – these three colors look stunning together, Independence Day or not! I think people veer away from using this color combination in the home for fear of looking like they’re throwing a Memorial Day party, but I rounded up 10 pieces of proof that show you can utilize these colors year-round. Take a look at these gorgeous red, white and blue rooms:

While Social Clubs have been around for hundreds of years, they are making a bold comeback. They’re quite popular on the coasts, like New York and LA, but I’m currently designing one called The Other Room in Minneapolis and am super excited about it! Like sophisticated bars, these social clubs are exclusive, oftentimes even requiring an interview process.

Their swanky décor and fascinating histories makes the interior design of these social clubs quite intriguing. Here are some fun trends I’ve noticed while designing one:

Back in April I blogged about how to use masculine colors in a feminine way. This week I’m reversing it and blogging about bringing feminine colors into a man’s home. Colors like pink, purple, turquoise and gold are more often found in women’s homes than men’s, but there’s no reason men can’t utilize these gorgeous colors too!

I browsed Pinterest and many interior design websites to bring to you a collection of these colors in ways I think men might like.

The best way to light the outside of your home really depends on where your home is located. If it’s an urban house, there likely aren’t a ton of trees and nearby streetlights are almost an inevitability. If your house is in the suburbs, however, that’s another story! There will typically be trees nearby, if not surrounding the house, and you’re likely to have some sort of a backyard. Because of the differences, some lighting concepts go better for one over the other.

Let’s take a closer look at exterior lighting ideas for the suburban home:

When you think of springtime, what color palettes come to mind? This spring there are some really fun color combinations that I want to try out. They are slightly less common but absolutely perfect for this time of year. From lime green and red to aqua and orange, these color combinations are going to make you rethink traditional springtime palettes!

Interior decorating for a man’s home is such a delight. I love the colors, clean lines, open spaces and eclectic accessories. If you’re decorating your home but aren’t sure where to begin, here are five concepts for men to stick to if they want a classically manly home:

Manly Wallpapers

Wednesday, 23 April 2014 by

As you well know, wallpapers come in all shapes, sizes and textures. While many wallpapers can appear girly, there are quite a few that are perfect for a man’s home! Here’s a roundup of some manly themes that make great wallpapers:

Now that the weather has warmed up, outdoor spaces are begging to be filled again. Whether you use the space for a happy hour with friends (an aperitif), throwing a dinner party or just to relax, outdoor spaces can be the ultimate backdrop for a good time.

Here are some great ways to create a perfect outdoor space for happy hour, dinner parties and relaxation:

Eclectic accessories are some of the most fun items found in any home. They truly reveal who the owner is and give you a little insight into their lives. When decorating with eclectic accessories, start with items that give you a happy memory! Whether it be a tchotchke passed down to you from your grandmother, a classic piece of literature or an obscure flea market find from your travels, eclectic accessories really give your home some personal character.

Perhaps the best thing about eclectic accessories (besides the stories they tell) is that they can be mixed and matched, and because they are such strong pieces they don’t even need to go with the décor around them – they are a piece of their own! I did some searching and found a bunch of amazing accessories I’d love to put in my home. These should give you a little idea of what I mean by bringing personality inside with some fun eclectic pieces.

Today’s post is a tribute to my friends Beth and Nick, who are having a baby but are waiting until the child is born to find out its sex! In order to prepare for the arrival of the baby they still need to make a nursery, but it has to be gender-neutral. Gender-neutral color schemes don’t have to be boring, though! If you mix up textures, patterns and hues, you can have a perfectly adorable gender-neutral nursery without being dull. Here are some fun ways to do that:

I absolutely love terrariums and I think spring is the best time to welcome them into the home. Here are five reasons to get some terrariums ASAP:

They’re Gorgeous 

How to Bring in Some Spring

Friday, 14 March 2014 by

This is the most invigorating time of the year, which is a great excuse to revive your home. It’s time to put away the dark, winter colors and bring some life to your new springtime home! Here are some really simple ways to do that without breaking the bank:

Fresh Flowers

Thought it may not seem like it, spring is right around the corner! Meaning now is as good a time as ever to get started on your spring cleaning. Organizing and decluttering can actually be fun if done right. I gathered some ideas for different parts of the home so you can start thinking about stylish ways to organize your home.

Being an interior designer, I absolutely love to see dull spaces and pieces of furniture be transformed into something beautiful. DIY projects are fun, inexpensive and generally pretty easy, especially with dressers. I collected some great before and after photos from Pinterest to show you just how fabulous you can make a drab dresser. Note the paint jobs – bright colors are very in right now! Be sure to click on the images to be taken to the website the images are from, each of which describe the transformation process.