Some of the most unique, inspiring spaces I’ve seen have been restaurants around the world. While browsing creative restaurant designs I noticed some pretty cool trends!  Whether you have a restaurant of your own to decorate or would just like to be inspired by some beautiful spaces, these are some fun restaurants to look at.

Swinging Chairs



This may not be the most practical type of seating, but it is certainly unique! I love the look and feel of swinging chairs and I think sitting in one would make dining a fun experience. I’ve also seen these in outdoor bars!

Glass Ceilings



There’s nothing quite like natural light, especially considering most restaurants are dark. The two photos above are so inviting with the open spaces, high ceilings and natural light.

Family-Style Seating



This kind of seating is popping up in breweries and restaurants alike. What’s great about oversized tables like these is that groups of people sit together whether they came together or not. It’s a nice way to spend a meal!

Large Light Fixtures



I love these oversized light fixtures! Not because they provide any more light than a simple one, but because they make a big statement in a great way. Plus, there are so many different directions to take this.

Wooden Ceilings

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.38.17 AM


Have you ever seen a wooden ceiling like these? They’re warm and inviting and make for a cozy dining atmosphere.
What unique setups have you seen in kitchens from around the world? I’d love to hear!