If you’ve been following along with my blog you’ve learned that there are a plethora of great ways to add some drama to a room or a party without going over the top. Today I’m taking the same concept but applying it to the exterior of your home. For the most part, houses are painted a more subtle color or are made out of natural looking materials like brick for example. If you want to jazz up the façade of your home without upsetting your neighbors, try painting your door!

Think of it like an accent wall but on the outside of your home. The smaller the area the bolder the color can be, so you can add a dash of life to your exterior by painting the front door a snazzy color.

Really any color goes! There are no boundaries here. For a little bit of inspiration I’ve dug up some great examples. Take a look and be inspired!




Seafoam Blue

Navy & Pink


Aren’t those beautiful? The pops of color look fantastic with all types of exterior, from brick to vinyl siding to stucco.

Would you ever paint your door a bright color like this? What color would you go with?