Fall is full of bright colors, pumpkins and lots of earthy items, and if done right it can look great! But it’s easy to get a little too gaudy, so I collected some examples of natural fall décor that I loved and that would be easy to make. Hopefully you can be inspired by some of these!
There’s nothing quite like some natural color in your house. Next time you see some pretty leaves on the ground, just bundle them up and put them in a vase for a beautiful pop of color and a touch of fall.

The natural look of these peppercorns, figs and pomegranates is great, and the color is a refreshing take on traditional fall colors.

I’ve never seen this before but I love it! Once again, all you need to do is find some nice leaves and spray paint them gold. It’s classy and edgy all at once!

This is such a clever idea! Acorns are right up there with pumpkins and leaves when it comes to quintessential fall-time nature.

Pumpkins are certainly a go-to for fall, but I particularly like this unique look with the matte black color coating. It sounds gaudy but it looks gorgeous.

This twig votive is another fun DIY project that’ll bring just the right amount of fall into your cozy home. (Follow the link for DIY instructions).

All these decoration pieces are fun ways to incorporate some autumn into your home without going overboard.

Happy fall, everyone!