I don’t know about you but Autumn just puts me in the mood to make things! Whether it’s soup or pies or festive decorations, fall is the time to get a little crafty. For inspiration for this post I did some searching on Pinterest and dug up some really fun projects for the season. I stuck with décor DIY because now is the time to start decorating. Soon I’ll do a post about fall parties, which will certainly include food and drinks!

Berry Leaves

Both the berries and the pressed leaves in this project are beautiful and simple. For the pressed frames all you have to do is go outside and find some pretty leaves on the ground, flatten them out for a bit with a book and put them in a backless frame like these. And as for the vase full of berries, any craft store would have fake berries. If you want real ones, Bachman’s should do the trick.

Plaster Gourds + Sweater Vases

A sweater for a vase seems a little superfluous, but isn’t it adorable? And if you know how to knit it would be a super fun project. A great reason to have some girlfriends over, drink some hot apple cider (spiked or not!) and do some knitting.

Door Décor

Chevron Pumpkins

This is a fun twist on decorating pumpkins. As you’ll see if you follow the link, all you need to do is tape the chevron design on the pumpkin, paint over it and peel the tape off. And voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful, festive pumpkin.

Floating Candle

I love this floating candle idea. All you need is some cranberries, mason jars, a sprig of whatever leaf you want and some votives. This would be great for a dinner party!

What kind of crafts have you done this season? I’d love to see your own DIYs!