A small living space doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. Many people become frustrated because they are overwhelmed by clutter and not enough functionality with their furniture. No matter the size, there are several options that allow you to create an inviting area.

Keep these tips in mind when decorating the space.

·     The best way to maximize the space is to choose pieces that are multi-functional. Try to utilize every square inch in your space and find pieces that serve more than one purpose. 

·     Use the space above or closest to the ceiling, which can be turned into storage spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

·      Placing furniture that is transparent in the room makes it appear larger and is not visually cluttering.

·     Lighting affects the visual appearance. Use all forms of lighting- think ambient,   task and functional.

·        Mirrors reflect light and make spaces appear larger.

·      Use the space underneath a bed for hidden storage. Clear bins and wooden shelves are easily found at stores like IKEA and even Target.

·     An untidy room will make a smaller space even more unattractive! Keep it free of clutter!
Draw from the following examples for inspiration.

                                                           “Floating” desk on wall

Courtesy of retailtherapy.com

                                                                          Sleeper Sofa
Courtesy of Sofabed.com

                                                              Ottoman/Dining space

Courtesy of amazon.com

                                                      High positioned shelves
Courtesy of treehugger.com


                                                Multi-functional table-storage
Don’t allow “size” to prevent you from designing a fabulous space!
Remember, “Design the life you love!”