Summer is right around the corner! That means barbeques and lots of outdoor entertaining. A great outdoor space is another way to showcase your style and create a seamless living space to your home. Whether you desire an extravagant outdoor retreat or a budget-friendly update, we’ll show you how you can easily transform it from drab to fab. We offer great tips that complement any style.


If you’re drawn to more of a classic and conservative look, the traditional 5-piece set made of aluminum is a great idea. The set is low maintenance and rust, weather and UV resistant. You can add a flower arrangement or other center piece when entertaining. The finish allows you to easily change the seat cushions when you want a new look.

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Urban dweller? Add an array of plants and branches to create your own serene getaway as shown in the picture below.

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Contemporary or modern outdoor furniture is very chic. You can use several accent pieces to transform your space into an oasis.  Lots of plants, bold, bright pillows and designer rugs are great ways to add a touch of elegance.  For shade, place a canopy over the furniture. They come in a variety of styles and price ranges.

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Small Spaces

If space is limited, there are several simple ways to create an appealing look. Maximize every inch for seating. By minimizing the amount of pieces, this creates the illusion of a larger area. A small table with three to four chairs or simple benches in any finish is a great way to dress up the space.  Decorating with plants, lanterns and rugs will add a chic look to the area.

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 The ideas are endless.  Creating an inviting outdoor space is just another way to showcase your signature style.

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