Do you have any old household items sitting in the basement collecting dust, or maybe you have 100 keys but you only know what a handful of them are for? Here are some ideas to inspire you to turn these items into something new. This first idea comes from something we saw on Pinterest. Here are a few uses for old silverware.

These rings make beautiful and often one of a kind rings with an antique flair.

Not only can they make great rings for your fingers, but if made at a larger size they make great napkin rings that give them an elegant touch.

The ends of forks were used to make these necklace pendants.

This fork was bent into a unique and unconventional business card holder.

Wine boxes are another item that can be re-purposed. If you don’t already have one, often times you can ask wine retailers for extras or pay them for some.
If you have ever canned anything before or received a canned good from a friend or family member, chances are likely you have some mason jars lying around your home. There are an endless number of possibilities for using these jars and they are pretty inexpensive.

 Lastly, if you have any old keys lying around, here is an idea for how to turn them into unconventional art like wind chimes.

Before you think of shoving something in a closet for storage or throwing something out, get inspired to turn it into something new or maybe the latest piece of art in your home. Design the life you love!