Do long for the days of lounging around outside or creating the perfect outdoor dinner party or get together? Believe it or not, spring is not too far away. Here some ideas on how to make your outdoor entertaining or relaxing space a success.
Much of the entertaining we do revolves around outdoor daytime cooking or evening conversations. Regardless of what your primary functions are, there are some general strategies to use in order to make the space work well. The image above shows how a conversation pit was created by circling chairs or seating around a central focus. Sometimes this focus may be a setting of cocktails and snacks, or a fire pit. Make sure that your seating is close enough for casual conversation.

The image below is a great example of how this outdoor space can be a direct extension of your existing home. Having removable cushions can be a great option to avoid damage from changing weather. This also will allow you to keep the base of your furniture for an extended length of time, but update the cushion fabric as the seasons change, style changes, or it wears out.

If you are entertaining, here is a chic beverage table. It has multiple functions, has more of a rustic outdoor look, and a cooler portion that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your beverage options. Believe it or not, you can find one of these beverage tables at Cabela’s.
Lighting is an essential design element for any space whether it is outdoor or indoor. There are an endless number of outdoor lighting options. The image below shows strands of lights that create a beautiful canopy.
There are also a large variety of lantern types. The image below shows how lanterns can be used to create great dinner party lighting.
I’m absolutely in love with these lanterns because each one is unique but they work together as a group to create a beautiful lighting scheme.
If you don’t find what you are looking for in stores, don’t forget there are always ways to be creative or to simply make a one of a kind feature that will add that special touch to your outdoor space.
Hopefully this will inspire you to look forward to spring and start creating the amazing space you are already dreaming up in your head. Design the life you love!