Maybe you have an old piece of furniture sitting in storage, maybe a family member or friend just got rid of a set and gave it to you but it doesn’t really go with anything in your place. Whether it is extremely dated or just not your style, there are a lot of different ways to revive a piece of furniture.

Here is an example of a basic dresser that was painted and had O’verlays applied to it. O’verlays are a great inexpensive product that you can apply to many different types of furniture that instantly add some unique style and personality to your furniture.

Reupholstering furniture is another great way to update it. The dining chair image below shows a great before and after example of how to reupholster a dining chair. The frame was also painted.
There is a shop in Buenos Aires that refurbishes furniture. The chair below is just one example that shows how they reupholstered the cushions. While some pieces can be quite a task to reupholster, others are much simpler.
The great thing about having old furniture that you have been thinking about throwing out, you can take a risk with a bold finish. Painting your furniture can be one of the most cost effective ways to revive a piece of furniture. This dresser below was painted with a beautiful cerulean blue color, and it looks like the edges were sanded down to give it a fresh but antique effect. Another great feature of this piece is that two different styles of hardware were used. This can definitely add more character to a dresser.
Here is another example of how paint can transform your furniture. There are many different stencils that you can get to create artistic effects like the one below.

Although small, don’t forget about the impact of unique hardware for your furniture. There are an endless number of styles, colors, and finishes to choose from. This can also completely change the look of your furniture so that you may not even recognize it after the transformation is complete.
Hopefully these tips and tricks will inspire you to take something you were thinking about throwing out, and turn it into your favorite piece of furniture in your home. Design the life you love!