Wall coverings are a great way to add some visual texture or a pop of color to your space. If you are currently renting a space, you probably have some guidelines that need to be followed to avoid any lease violations. Adding fabric to an accent wall or multiple walls can be a great alternative to wallpaper or paint. Be strategic on what type of fabric you select or where you purchase the fabric in order to avoid spending a large amount on the fabric. There are various ways to accomplish this, and the link below is just one way to achieve a crisp wall fabric application that is removable.




 Adding Fabric to a wall can also help absorb sound which will help lessen the transfer of noise from one apartment to the next.

Whether your don’t have pretty floors, your apartment is cold, or you are just looking for a way to infuse some style into your place, here is a great solution. Carpet tiles can be arranged to create great looking rugs that come in great graphic patterns and textural solids.


 Maybe you have found a great wall paper or fabric that you love and would love to showcase it. Selecting various frames and similar paper or fabric patterns can create a nice collection of wall art. For a larger visual impact, select one pattern or print and display it in a repeating pattern along your wall.

 Most apartment wall fixtures are permanent. If you have a mirror that is removable, replace it with one that has more character and store the existing mirror away. If the mirror is not removable, Mirror Mate is one company that provides great framing options that can simply be put around an existing piece.

 If you want to create your own, measure the area around your mirror and create your own frame to add a fun design element to your space. Custom framing is available at many art supply stores and the framing options are endless.

Most apartments are pretty basic. Adding crown molding to your place can add great visual interest. Since this is a rental, the key is to select a crown molding product that is lightweight and can be installed with a removable adhesive or installation method causing little or no damage to the walls or ceiling. There are many inexpensive foam or PVC options available that are lightweight, look great, and can be painted for more personalization.


 Here is an example of painted crown molding that complements the space and fits in seamlessly.

Artwork and murals can add a great visual impact to any space. Murals Your Way, a website where you can even create your own murals, sells murals that can easily be applied. Below are just a few examples to inspire you.



Sometimes just small touches can add that little extra you are looking for in your space. Hopefully now you are inspired to add some personality to your rental or apartment, and make it your HOME! Design the life you love!