Here is a design board for my current master bedroom project. I am excited to work beside my carpenter to create this modern day canopy. My client wanted lots of rich fabrics and bold patterns. I will work with a subtle wall treatment to balance textures, fabrics, and patterns.

I use basic feng shui principles in my design practice. I like to use the color red in master bedrooms. The color red carries the energy of fire. Fire represents the energy of sun, life, excitement, joy and sexual desire. Red ignites passion- which in turn adds stimulation to a lack luster relationship.

The color also signifies richness and luxury. I use caution when working with red as can be over stimulating. I find the feng shui principles with the color red are easily achieved by designing and decorating with red accessories, linens, and small furnishing rather than a wall color or large furniture.

I will post photos of the finished master bedroom.