Summer Entertaining is One of My Favorite Ways to Spend Time with my Loved Ones.
This project came to me while shopping for granite counter tops for one of my clients. While I was deciding on color and texture, I asked the store owner if I could buy a few granite remnants to help me make my choice. The store owner was very generous and told me I could just have the remnants. ( I am not sure this would be the case for all stores. I had made a very large purchase the week before- other store will sell pieces for under $20.)
After my client and I decided on the granite for their home, I had two lovely pieces of granite to put to good D-I-Y use.
I decide to make entertaining platters with the remnants.
This project’s cost was under $10. I purchased craft glass glue and four rubber stoppers from Michael’s Craft Store. I recommend putting the glue on the bottom of the stopper and then hold the stopper in place on the underside of the granite for a minute.
Photography By: Keith McKenna