I am passionate about constantly reinventing and revamping existing pieces in my clients’ home.

Do you remember the urban vegetable garden I planted on the Calhoun Beach Club balcony?

Well, I wanted to make use of the beautiful ceramic container and the vibrance that plants add to the space.
I spoke with my cohort gardener and she said that to keep a ceramic container outside in a Minnesota winter, I must remove the dirt from the container and place the plants in a separate smaller cardboard liner. I added packing peanuts around the smaller container to keep the smaller liner stationary.
The end result is seasonal without the tinsel and bows that so often time are used in holiday decorating. I am inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. I try to decorate with natural materials as much as possible.
I also brought one of the smaller ceramic container inside to add a little holiday cheer to an entry way. I choose plants that are hardy and do well without a lot of sunlight or watering.