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When renovating a space, walls usually get all the attention. Sometimes you’ll apply a beautiful wallpaper to them; sometimes they’ll get a nice lacquer; other times walls can turn into a museum of art. But what about the ceilings? There are so many beautiful, creative ceiling treatments that often get overlooked. For this week’s article I’m reminding you of other fun options for a big renovation!

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Beach homes are the envy of just about everyone, but just because you have the house doesn’t mean you have the style! There are three keys to a spectacular beach or coastal house: bring natural colors from the outdoors in; have a wall of windows; and decorate with found items from outside. Let’s take a

Morocco is full of colors, designs, textures and beautiful sceneries, so it’s no surprise that people are looking to this beautiful country for interior design inspiration. From the fabrics to the lanterns, Morocco is starting to pop up all over.

Here are some beautiful examples:

A headboard done right can be a great focal point for a bedroom. Headboards are no longer just wood or metal framing behind the bed; now they are beautiful pieces of art, any of which you can create yourself!

Here are seven of my favorite headboard concepts from around the web:

Just like how kitchens tend to be the center of the home when you entertain, the fireplace is the gathering spot in the wintertime, especially if you live in Minnesota like I do. Because people tend to gather around the warm, cozy fireplace, it’s important to make it the real focal point of whatever room it’s in. Typically fireplaces are found in living and family rooms, but you’d be surprised at how many dining rooms are popping up with them!

Here are three tips I have for turning your fireplace into the focal point:

1 – Jazz it Up

One way to do this is to update your fireplace (if it isn’t already) to gas. The image below gives you a little idea of how sleek a gas fireplace can look.

Whether you have a New Year’s resolution you’re committed to following or you want to do a remodeling project, January is the absolute best time to take on a big change like this. Here are three big reasons to consider starting something new next month:

1. Designing Takes Time

The designing and planning process take much longer than many anticipate, so if you start working on something now you might be looking to start your project come spring. If that’s the case, you can execute and potentially finish your project and potentially be entertaining by summer or far. It depends on the size of the project, of course, but it’s important to carve out ample time! Renovations and home projects are a big deal and you don’t want to rush, so if you plan to entertain in the warmer months, January is the perfect time to take on a project.

Many people strictly follow the rule that if you have silver in a room, everything has to be silver; if you have copper appliances, everything else needs to be copper. But that’s simply not true! Mixing metals makes for beautiful rooms by adding dimension and bringing in a unique decorating tactic.

If you need some convincing as to why you should mix metals, I’ve rounded up eight examples that prove just how great it can be. 

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Back in April I blogged about how to use masculine colors in a feminine way. This week I’m reversing it and blogging about bringing feminine colors into a man’s home. Colors like pink, purple, turquoise and gold are more often found in women’s homes than men’s, but there’s no reason men can’t utilize these gorgeous colors too!

I browsed Pinterest and many interior design websites to bring to you a collection of these colors in ways I think men might like.

I absolutely love terrariums and I think spring is the best time to welcome them into the home. Here are five reasons to get some terrariums ASAP:

They’re Gorgeous 

How to Bring in Some Spring

Friday, 14 March 2014 by

This is the most invigorating time of the year, which is a great excuse to revive your home. It’s time to put away the dark, winter colors and bring some life to your new springtime home! Here are some really simple ways to do that without breaking the bank:

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Being an interior designer, I absolutely love to see dull spaces and pieces of furniture be transformed into something beautiful. DIY projects are fun, inexpensive and generally pretty easy, especially with dressers. I collected some great before and after photos from Pinterest to show you just how fabulous you can make a drab dresser. Note the paint jobs – bright colors are very in right now! Be sure to click on the images to be taken to the website the images are from, each of which describe the transformation process.

Black, White + Color

Friday, 21 February 2014 by

Bringing a classic design scheme into your home is as easy as mixing black, white and a color of your choice. Black and white go great with any color, so this theme is simple and, most importantly, gorgeous! Whether you do this to your bathroom, kitchen, nursery or living room, black, white + a color looks fabulous.

Here are some great examples of the direction you can take with this classic color scheme:

Innovative Ways to Hang Art

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 by

If you read my blog last week you’ll remember that I curated fun ways to get creative with bookshelves, one of them being hanging art on them. That got me thinking about all the different ways to display art in the home, so I decided to devote this week’s blog to that. Here are five innovative ways to hang your art:

Get the Look: Classic 1900s Home

Friday, 22 November 2013 by

The new millennium has brought about plenty of amazing trends, technologies and accessories. But there’s something so enticing about the early 1900s! Perhaps it’s the timeless pieces that fit in modern homes, or maybe it’s the sophistication and detail. Whatever it is, I love it! You can give your home a 1900s feel by bringing