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Three Outdoor Elements for the Fall

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 by

Fall is such a lovely time to spend time outdoors. Even if you’re not entertaining, it’s nice to have a great outdoor setup for you to enjoy some personal time – be it for reading, taking a nap or enjoying a glass of wine. Since fall is (unfortunately) so short, it isn’t essential to re-do an entire outdoor area. Instead, incorporate a few popular materials and your outside space will feel like a fall getaway. Three great autumnal elements are copper, reclaimed wood and rugs.

Let’s take a look:

Fall DIY Décor

Thursday, 17 October 2013 by

I don’t know about you but Autumn just puts me in the mood to make things! Whether it’s soup or pies or festive decorations, fall is the time to get a little crafty. For inspiration for this post I did some searching on Pinterest and dug up some really fun projects for the season. I