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2015 Color Combos

Friday, 27 March 2015 by

Color combinations this year are just about as stunning as they get! And now that I’m aware of them I’m seeing them in nature and fashion as well as in magazine pages and houses all over. These are three of the hottest color combinations of 2015:

Chartreuse + Lavender

This is the most muted and neutral palette of this year’s color combination trends. It evokes a refreshing springtime effect with its eye-catching contrast, while simultaneously putting you at ease. You can choose a high saturation and vibrant version of these colors or stick to a more pastel style. Either way, chartreuse and lavender look great together!

The Fourth of July isn’t the only day to use red, white and blue – these three colors look stunning together, Independence Day or not! I think people veer away from using this color combination in the home for fear of looking like they’re throwing a Memorial Day party, but I rounded up 10 pieces of proof that show you can utilize these colors year-round. Take a look at these gorgeous red, white and blue rooms: