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How to Make Your Bedroom Stylish & Comfortable

by / Wednesday, 07 March 2018 / Published in Bedrooms, Blog, Contributor Articles
How to make your bedroom stylish & comfortable

Regardless the size of your house, the bedroom should be your sanctuary, and you should design it accordingly. Make it cozy, comfortable and stylish; make it the perfect place for you to enjoy a peaceful sleep and feel as if all your dreams may come true.

How to Make Your Bedroom Stylish & Comfortable

Everything is essential when you arrange this particular room: the furniture you choose and how you place it, the colors of the walls, the lights, and one of all others – the bed. That is the centerpiece of your sanctuary. I have always believed that it shouldn’t be considered just a simple piece of furniture. I see it as a comfy little bit of heaven, the place where you can honestly be yourself.

That’s why I encourage people to be creative when it comes to setting up their bedroom and especially their bed. We can do lots of things to turn our sleeping buddy into the most comfortable space of our house. Just try some of the below-listed tips – most of them are incredibly forthcoming:

Choose the proper mattress

How to Make Your Bedroom Stylish & Comfortable

A modern mattress featuring various high-tech options will improve your sleep and your morning attitude. Get some inspired ideas from so that you can get the right bedding according to your sleeping position and your firmness requirements.

Go for natural fabrics

How to make your bedroom stylish & comfortable

Silk is the best ally of a soothing sleep. Well, all natural fabrics have the same effect, but I think silk brings a special royal touch. But you can opt for cotton or bamboo sheets as well; they all keep you extremely comfortable throughout the night. Bamboo, for instance, has antimicrobial and temperature regulating properties. Add more coziness by investing in a silk pillowcase, which comes highly recommended by dermatologists as ideal for the best beauty sleep, since it helps prevent wrinkles and dry skin.

Add a heated mattress pad

How to make your bedroom stylish & comfortable

If you like your bed to be nice and warm, try placing a heated mattress pad on it. It only takes a few minutes of heating, before you get into bed, and there you have it, the best sensation of luxury and total relaxation. Get the ones with dual-zone temperature control, to make sure that you and your partner can each enjoy your preferences when it comes to how warm the bed should be. Or, if you experience back problems, get an airy, pressure-relieving mattress topper.

Dress it up with throw-blankets and rugs

How to make your bedroom stylish & comfortable

Nothing looks comfier and prettier on the bed than a faux fur throw blanket. Such blankets come in different colors – and various materials, not just faux fur. Choosing one with different textures will confer more deepness to your bed. And put some colorful extra fuzzy rugs next to it, to spice up the place.

When in doubt, get more pillows!

How to make your bedroom stylish & comfortable

You can always accessorize your bed with beautiful throw pillows, fun pillows with inspiring messages to brighten up your mornings or DYI snuggly pillows and pillowcases made from bath mats or old sweaters. Mixing patterns will help you create a fantastic and unique look for your bed. Don’t be afraid to play with colors; they will add personality to your sanctuary.

Adopt a bohemian style

How to make your bedroom stylish & comfortable

Spoil yourself and your bed with a bohemian printed bedspread which will cheer you up anytime. These are usually made from cotton, and they come in large sizes to match all types of beds. Add a little magic by hanging string lights above the bed or a cozy fabric canopy flowing from the ceiling. And if the room is rather small, turn your bed into the perfect refuge by hiding it behind delicate curtains.

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