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Florida Home Remodel: Boat Light Fixture Project

by / Friday, 05 May 2017 / Published in Before & After, Exteriors, Interiors

Post-Fire Home Remodel in Florida – Section 1

This blog series is very personal for me as it involves my family. I spent my childhood growing up in Prescott, Wisconsin where my mom and dad owned a hobby farm. Ahh, the carefree days…

In my parents’ retirement, the decided to sell this hobby farm and move to Florida for warmer weather and coastal views. They chose a charming Keywest-style house on the inter-coastal of the Gulf of Mexico. It was the perfect house for them to grow into. My dad is a natural when it comes to carpentry and household work, and enjoys the lifestyle of continuous projects around the house.

Unfortunately, the move to Florida abruptly ended here for while. Shortly after they moved into their new home, there was an electrical fire. It totaled their new home forcing them to move out and remodel the entire property due to fire, smoke, and water damage.

So I’ve been sharing my time between Minneapolis and Florida. We recently finished the remodel and decided to do a few fun projects by salvaging some of the left-over furniture that was not completely ruined in the fire.

Here are some of the things we tackled in just 7 days!!

The Boat Light Fixture Project

My dad (Rick Hanken) had designed and built for my mom, a boat made of cedar about 10 years ago as a Christmas gift. It was a wonderful piece of craftsmanship and reflected some their passions in life together – the perfect gift.  It survived, thankfully, so we decided to give it a facelift and use it as our main structure for a light fixture above the custom outdoor bar that he also built.


Florida Home Remodel


We painted it blue, then white and then took an electrical sander to it to distress it…


Florida Home Remodel

Florida Home Remodel


We wired it up with LED puck lights and suspended by a pulley system from the bottom of the deck with rope…


Florida Home Remodel

Florida Home Remodel

Florida Home Remodel


We hung the boat, roped it off to keep it sturdy, and named it the ‘Mind Eraser’. The outdoor bar area was also custom built by my dad.  See below for the before and after photo….


Florida Home Remodel



Florida Home Remodel



We also tied in the rope concept by putting it around the base of the columns to add some texture to the concrete flooring that ties back into this space.


Florida Home Remodel

Florida Home Remodel


Lastly, we also hung some old oil lanterns and a sailing wheel from the columns to continue our nautical theme outside. The Florida home remodel is really starting to come together.


Florida Home Remodel

Old Oil lanterns (not to be used with fire…)


Florida Home Remodel

Sailing Wheels to tie in the nautical theme.

Interior Design in the Florida Keys

Follow my journey through this entire project. Check back for new category blog posts below!

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4 Responses to “Florida Home Remodel: Boat Light Fixture Project”

  1. Mark Duncan says : Reply

    Very cool. Good job on splicing the lines holding the boat up.

    • Rick says : Reply

      Thanks mark, hope to see you soon, now we fight contractors and insurance company to not get ripped off. They are over charging everything because they think we’re rich, we are hard workers and never give up! They’re not used to that yet,🤔 We pray everyday for righteousness!

  2. Shane Weltzin says : Reply

    Looks amazing, love the look the boat adds to the space.

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